Quiz: Can you score under par for the course?
Can you score under par for the course?
By: Scott Nordlund
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The Ultimate Golf quiz

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At what Olympics did golf make its reintroduction?
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Traditionally, a course calls what number par?
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When was the first golf tournament for woman held?
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What King banned golf as it distracted his soldiers?
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What is the oldest gold course in the world?
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England and what nation participated in the first international golf match in Edinburgh?
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In what country was the first golf course built outside of Britain?
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Beside fruit tree wood, what other wood was used in early golf club heads?
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What country has the most golf courses per capita?
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How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?
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What were golf balls stuffed with originally?
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What is the name of completing a hole, one under par?
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What was the longest recorded drive during regular course play?
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How many holes does a regulation golf course have?
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The United Kingdoms major championship is nicknamed?
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In what state does the Master's take place in?
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The Masters, the British Open, the USA Open and what other major makes up the Majors?
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What golfer swept the Majors in one year?
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What famous lefty is naturally right handed?
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What is a hole in one on a par 5 called?
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Besides Golf, what other sport has been played on the moon?
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What famous singer is an avid golfer?
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In what city is the most expensive public course in the USA?
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What country has the most northern golf competition in the world?
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What character is the most quoted during the movie Caddyshack
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What sport does Happy Gilmore before golf?
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What percentage of golfers are woman?
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How old was the youngest hole in one shooter?
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What type of golf course is the Open Championship played on?
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Jack Nicklaus is the youngest and _____ champion of the Master's Championship
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In what country is the world's highest golf course?
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In what state is the world longest golf course?
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What famous movie stars yell got him out of trouble on the course in Cuba?
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What countries golfers find it common place to take out hole in one insurance?
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What President of the USA famously golfed during the winter?
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