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Which of these now famous actresses did not audition for the role of Sarah?

A number of actresses who would go on to be famous auditioned for the role of Sarah. These include Laura Dern, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Jane Krakowski of "30 Rock." Even though Krakowski was initially a top candidate, it was Jennifer Connelly that won Jim Henson over in the end.

Which of these music icons was also considered for the role of the Goblin King?

"Labyrinth" went through over two dozen treatments and versions, getting chopped up, rewritten and handed over to multiple different screenwriters along the way. During the process, Michael Jackson was also considered for the role of the Goblin King.

This famous children's book author threatened to sue Jim Henson if he didn't stop production.

Author Maurice Sendak, famous for "Where The Wild Things Are," threatened to sue Jim Henson if he did not shut down production. Sendak claimed the movie stole its plot and character names from two of his works.

How did most critics review Jennifer Connelly's performance?

Critics were quite critical of the film overall, but especially Jennifer Connelly's performance. A few critics even said that one of the main problems of the film was that Sarah was unlikable, and they didn't care what happened to her.

What fun reoccurring detail is hidden throughout the movie?

David Bowie's face is hidden in seven scenes throughout the film. These include when Sarah enters the labyrinth and at the beginning of the scene where Hoggle agrees to give Sarah a poisoned peach.

How did baby Toby get his name?

Baby Toby was the son of "Labyrinth's" conceptual designer, Brian Froud. The baby would only respond to his own name, forcing them to also call him Toby in the film.

How did "Labyrinth" perform at the box office?

"Labyrinth" was a complete flop in theaters initially. The film had a $25 million budget and grossed only about $12 million worldwide.

How did David Bowie get those tricks with the glass spheres down?

Set choreographer Michael Moschen executed the tricks while standing behind Bowie throughout the entire film. It was incredibly uncomfortable, and he could not see what he was doing.

Who voiced Hoggle?

Jim Henson's son, Brian Henson, voiced Hoggle. His daughter, Cheryl, was the puppeteer behind one of the Fireys.

What is the Goblin King's name?

While commonly referred to as "The Goblin King," this famous character has a first name. Several times throughout the film he is referred to as Jareth.

Where did designers take inspiration for the Goblin King's distinctive wardrobe?

Labyrinth concept designer Brian Froud said the unique look was inspired by Marlon Brando's famous leather look and Grimm's fairy tales. He wanted Bowie to look dangerous, sexy and fantastical.

"Labyrinth" scriptwriter Terry Jones is most famously known for his involvement with what?

Terry Jones is most famous for his work with quirky British comedy group Monty Python. Famous for their TV show, films and stage musical, Monty Python changed comedy as we know it.

Did David Bowie enjoy filming "Labyrinth"?

Bowie enjoyed being on set overall. He, however, found interacting with the puppet characters very frustrating.

"Labyrinth" never got a theatrically released sequel, but it does have what kind of follow-up?

"Return to Labyrinth" is a four-part manga series that continues about 15 years after the original ends. It centers around a teenaged Toby, whom Jareth has chosen to be the heir to the throne.

Which famous "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor choreographed "Labyrinth"?

Before playing Dr. Beverly Crusher in "Star Trek: TNG," McFadden was the director of choreography and puppet movement on a number of Jim Henson films. This includes "Labyrinth," where she was credited as Cheryl McFadden.

How was the Shaft Of Helping Hands that Sarah falls through created?

Jennifer Connelly was on a harness 40 feet up in the air, while over 100 performers made choreographed hand movements. This scene was incredibly difficult to film.

Which famous filmmaker co-edited "Labyrinth"?

George Lucas, famed for the "Star Wars" movies, executive produced "Labyrinth." After Jim Henson's initial cut, Lucas was heavily involved in the final cut.

The Goblin King's Magic Dance references which classic film?

Jareth's famous 'You remind me of the babe' intro was lifted almost entirely from this 1947 Cary Grant and Shirley Temple movie. Bowie replaced "man" with "babe" and "hoodoo" with "voodoo" in an iconic switch-up.

What is Sarah's last name?

In the film, Sarah's full name is Sarah Williams. This is hard to catch from the film alone.

Why did David Bowie almost quit "Labyrinth"?

The "Labyrinth" script went through over two dozen edits. After reading through an edit that he considered "humorless," Bowie considered dropping the project all together.

How much time did Jim Henson spend courting Bowie for the role of Jareth?

Jim Henson first met with David Bowie about the film in 1983, while Bowie was on the U.S. leg of his Serious Moonlight tour. Bowie didn't formally agree to be in the project until months before filming began in 1985.

Which puppet was the most complex to operate?

Hoggle involved an entire team to operate. One person wore the costume, while Hoggle's entire face was radio controlled by Brian Henson and a team of operators.

What notable film "first" did "Labyrinth" make?

The Goblin King can transform into a white owl. This owl was the first lifelike CGI animal to appear on film.

How was "Labyrinth" received by critics?

This cult film had mixed reviews. The film itself was torn apart by a number of critics, some calling it fun, while others found it ugly and boring with poor performances from the leads.

How did Jim Henson handle the film's poor critical and box office reception?

"Labyrinth" was mocked by a number of critics and performed poorly at the box office. This devastated Jim Henson, who felt as if audiences were rejecting him personally.

Which "Labyrinth" character "met" Princess Diana?

During the 1986 royal premiere of the film in London, a number of cast members and Ludo were present. Princess Diana described the animatronic creature as "wonderful."

What did Jim Henson send David Bowie to try and convince him to play the part of the Goblin King?

Jim Henson sent Bowie a rough version of the script, as well as a handwritten note. In the note, Henson told Bowie that he thought he would be "wonderful" in the film.

Which of these literary characters was Jareth originally based on?

Heathcliff is one of the most famous Byronic heroes in literature. The initial character also originally was inspired by the character of Rochester from "Jane Eyre."

How did baby Toby land his role?

Baby Toby was the son of the film's concept designer Brian Froud. He was also named Toby in real life and grew up to be a puppet designer.

The inside of the Goblin castle was inspired by which painting?

"Labyrinth" drew inspiration from a number of books and works of art. The iconic staircase inside of Jareth's castle was inspired by "Relativity" by M.C Escher.

In which of these countries was the first video game based off of "Labyrinth" released?

"Labyrinth" was the first ever video game based off of the film. It was released only in Japan for the Famicom, a pre-Nintendo system, in 1986.

What was David Bowie's character originally written as?

The Goblin King character was originally written as one of the film's puppets. During numerous rewrites, this was changed to a human actor.

Why did Jennifer Connelly think a scene of her singing to baby Toby was cut?

While a scene was shot of her singing to baby Toby, it was cut from the final film. Connelly believes that this is because of her terrible singing voice.

Who wished Jim Henson good luck on set on the first day of filming?

On the first day of filming George Lucas had Darth Vader visit the set. He personally wished Jim Henson good luck with his film.

What did famous critic Roger Ebert think of Labyrinth?

In a two star review, Roger Ebert praised the film's visual style, but said it suffered from taking place mostly in a dream world with no stakes. He criticized the film for a lack of suspense and being too long.

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