Quiz: Can You Solve These Basic Math Story Problems?
Can You Solve These Basic Math Story Problems?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Did you love story problems in school? Take this quiz to see if you are still good at them.

Number-based math problems are great because they teach basic math skills. But math story problems require the use of reading and comprehension skills, in addition to math, to solve. What stumps many people when they try to solve a math story problem is how to put the problem itself into a solvable format. When faced with a story problem, many people, even those who are good at math, just freeze. But these critical thinking skills are the key to applying math to real life.

We use math every day. If you have asked yourself, "How will I use this after I'm done with school?" we can assure you that you have used your math story problem skills daily, even after you left school. For instance, when you got married, you may have had to decide how big a hall you needed to rent to hold all of your guests. In your head, you understood that "I am inviting 150 guests, and my husband-to-be is inviting 79 guests. That means we need a hall that will accommodate how many people?" After doing the math, you discovered that the hall you rented needed to hold at least 229 guests. Let's hope, of course, that you went a bit further with this problem and included yourself, your groom and the wedding party.

So, if you think you can make the grade, take this How Stuff Works quiz!

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