Quiz: Can You Solve These One-Step Equations?
Can You Solve These One-Step Equations?
By: Becky
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Mathematics is often treated as some terribly arcane and unknowable magical topic where you can't possibly figure it out unless you're one of those Hollywood genius types who sees the world in terms of angles, numbers, and symbols - the sort of person who covers every wall in their house in hundreds of tiny little equations that mean nothing to anyone but them. Of course, we know this is not true. Anyone who can count can do a little bit of mathematics, and that includes chimpanzees, dolphins and even the smarter horses.

Math is about precision and process, and understanding which one to use and making sure you don't skip any steps. That's why when you want to learn how to tackle the really tough stuff, you start with the lower-hanging fruit. At first, that means addition and subtraction, then multiplication and division, then powers and square roots. All of these appear in equations that are known - perhaps rather unimaginatively - as "one-step equations", because a single calculation will solve them.

How many of these can you do? How tough do they have to get before you flee screaming? Or will you just sail through all of them easily? Let's find out!

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