Quiz: Can You Solve These SAT Math Problems?
Can You Solve These SAT Math Problems?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

The SAT is considered the standard for college entrance. Scoring 800 on the math section can be tough, but can you score 35/35 on our version of the SAT Math? Find out by taking this quiz.

Are you stressing about taking the math SAT? Let’s see if you really know how to solve these math problems! Can you interpret graphs? Do you know how to make an algebraic equation from a story problem? Can you calculate geometric formulas when given the dimensions for them?

Whether you can answer these questions or if you still need to study some more, use this quiz to help!

Just like on the real math SAT, if you see a variable in a problem, it represents a real number unless specifically stated that it doesn’t. Also, any figures we use are on the same plane, but may not be drawn to scale.

Some parts of the math SAT allow you to use a calculator and others don’t, but this is just for fun (and practice), so you can use a calculator on all our questions. If any equations, such as the area of a circle, are needed to complete a problem, we will give them to you. Keep in mind that the number of degrees of arc in a circle is 360 and the number of radians is 2 π, just as the measure of all the inside angles of a triangle is 180.

Remember, this "Can You Solve These SAT Math Problems?" quiz isn't here to give you test stress. Show us you can get into college, and then challenge your parents (or kids) to beat your score!

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