Can You Spell All of These Words Without Using Spell Check?

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An Egyptian ruler, what's the correct way to spell this word?

Pharaoh is frequently mistakenly spelled as pharoah, with the o and a placed in the wrong order. Pharaoh is the common title assigned to monarchs of Ancient Egypt from the first Dynasty until the Roman invasion in 30 BCE.

This word signifies a happy feeling, but how is it spelled?

Ecstasy is defined as an overwhelming feeling of euphoria or elation; to be in a trance-like state or emotional frenzy; an illegal drug used to enhance moods and trigger hallucinations. This word is usually wrongly spelled with a c instead of the second e (ecstacy).

Meaning strange, which option is spelled the right way?

Weird means that something has a mysteriously strange or supernatural characteristic; uncanny, eerie, otherworldly, unearthly, mysterious. This word is often misspelled as wierd, with the i and e placed in the wrong order.

Which of these options is spelled correctly?

Conscience is usually misspelled as concience, with the first “s” omitted. Conscience is defined as an inner voice or feeling which gives one a sense of right and wrong about their behavior and actions.

A place known for its tropical islands, how is this location spelled properly?

The Caribbean is a region near North American, consisting of the Caribbean Sea and the existing islands (West Indies). Common misspellings for this word includes Carribbean with two r’s instead of one, and Carribean, with one b instead of two.

A feeling we all don't like, what's this bad word's true spelling?

Embarrass means to cause someone to feel self-conscious, ashamed or uncomfortable; humiliate, shame, mortify, chagrin, abashed. This word is sometimes misspelled with one r instead of two (embarrass).

To replace or supplant is the definition of this word. But how is it spelled?

Supersede means to replace, or take the place of something or someone in favor of something new; succeed, to take over from, to set aside. Common misspellings for supersede includes supercede, with a c instead of the second s, and superceed.

Which of these options looks to be correct?

Accommodate means to give in to the required needs or wishes; help, oblige, assist; to have or provide the physical space needed, especially for a building. Accommodate is sometimes misspelled as accomadate or accomodate.

This is important in helping us spell sometimes. Which option is how it's meant to be spelled?

Pronunciation is defined as the way a word or language is spoken or pronounced; accent, elocution, diction, intonation. This word is usually misspelled as pronunciation, with an “o” placed before the first “u.”

A piece of cloth mostly used by men and babies, how is this word spelled?

Handkerchief is frequently misspelled as hankerchief due to the shortened form of the word, hanky. A handkerchief is a type of kerchief or bandanna carried in the pocket or handbag and is typically used to wipe one’s hands or face or blow one’s nose.

Of all these words, which one is the correct version?

Occurred is the past tense of occur; happen, take place; enter one’s mind, to cross one’s mind; to exist or found to be present in a place or under specific conditions. This word is typically misspelled with one r instead of two (occured).

To tend to or fix routinely is what this word means. Tell us how it's spelled.

Maintenance refers to the process of preserving something or someone; to provide financial support for a person’s living expenses. Common misspellings of maintenance include maintainance, maintainence, maintanence, maintenance, maintinance, maintance and maintence.

Can you point to the option that seems correct?

Indict means to formally accuse or prosecute someone for a serious crime; charge with, put on trial for, take to court for, arraign for, bring to trial for. This word frequently misspelled as indite.

Which of these options is spelled correctly?

Arctic is commonly misspelled as Artic, without the first “c.” Arctic refers to the polar region situated at the northernmost part of the Earth; related to the regions near the North Pole; very cold, freezing, frozen, subzero, glacial, icy, hypothermic.

We often do this when a place or person is pleasing. But how is it spelled?

Recommend is sometimes wrongly spelled with two c’s (reccommend), or with two c’s and one m (recommend). Recommend means to propose or nominate something or someone who would be suitable for a specific role or purpose. To entrust someone or something to (someone).

What's the correct spelling of the place where the dead make their home?

A cemetery, also known a graveyard, is a place which has been specifically designated as the burial ground for the remains of dead people. Common misspellings of cemetary include cemetary, cemetry, cementary, cementery and cemetarey.

Something that needs to be removed or paid, how is this word spelled?

Deductible, commonly misspelled as deductable, refers to the amount of money paid by the insurer before the insurance company pays a claim. It is also defined as an amount which can be deducted from a sum, such as income tax from a salary.

Which of these options looks to be correct?

Harass is defined as repeatedly bullying, persecuting, hounding or subjecting someone to aggressive pressure or intimidation. This word is sometimes mistakenly spelled with two "r"s (harrass) instead of one.

A coworker of sorts, how is this French word spelled?

Liaison is frequently misspelled as liason, without the second "i." Definitions for liaison include communication or cooperation between groups of people or organizations; someone who acts an agent between two parties; thickening (egg yolk, cream) used for soups and sauces.

Of all these words, which one is the correct version?

Convalesce means to gradually recuperate, recover or improve one's health following an illness or weakness. This word is sometimes wrongly spelled as "convelesce," with an e instead of the first a.

Which of these options would you find in the dictionary?

Rhythm refers to a consistent sequence of sounds, beats or movements; a regular pattern of changes such as changes of the seasons, tides or body. This word is typically misspelled as rythm without the first "h" or as rhythym with two ys.

Can you point to the option that seems correct for the definition of someone who crafts a play?

A playwright is defined as someone who writes plays; screenwriter, scriptwriter; dramatist, dramaturge, tragedian. This word is usually wrongly spelled as playright without the "w."

A high-ranking and respected position, how should this word be spelled?

A sergeant is a noncommissioned officer who is ranked above a corporal; a police officer ranked below a captain or lieutenant. This word is sometimes misspelled without an a (sergent).

A time period that has long passed, what's the correct way to spell this word?

Medieval is defined as relating to, possessing the characteristics or style of the Middle Ages; primitive, extremely old-fashioned. Medieval is sometimes wrongly spelled as medeival or medievel.

Another word for "limit", which of these words is the correct spelling?

Threshold is usually mistakenly spelled as threshhold with two hs. This word has multiple definitions including doorway, entrance, doorstep; the limit, level or margin on a scale; the starting point of a new experience or state.

A special right, which of the spellings suits this definition?

Privilege is frequently misspelled as priviledge, privelige, privelidge and privilage. Privilege refers to the power or advantages experienced by a small group over the majority, usually due to wealth or high social class.

Which of these options is spelled correctly?

Vacuum is occasionally misspelled as vaccum or vaccume. Vacuum is defined as a space completely devoid of matter; void, absence, nothingness, emptiness, black hole.

A popular cocktail, how does one spell this word?

A daiquiri is an iced drink or cocktail made of rum, lime or lemon juice, and sugar or syrup. The word daiquiri is rarely used and appears in the lower 50% of commonly used words in the Collins dictionary. Due to this, it is misspelled a number of ways including "dacqueri."

Which of these options looks to be correct?

Neighbor is usually misspelled as neighboor, or with the h ommitted (neigbor). A neighbor is a person who lives near someone; a country or person located next to another; a fellow human being.

Meaning "not from here," how should this word be spelled?

Foreign is defined as something or someone that comes from a country other than your own; an object that's strange, unfamiliar, alien, unknown, unheard of. This word is usually misspelled as foriegn with the i and e placed in the wrong order.

Which of these options would you find in the dictionary?

Hierarchy is frequently misspelled as hierarcy, with the second "h" omitted. Hierarchy is defined as a system of grading used to rank people above each other and is determined by authority or status.

Of all these words, which one is the correct version?

Jewelry refers to personal ornaments such as rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets which are usually made from or with precious metals and gemstones. This word is misspelled as jewelry or jewelry.

Meaning to occur at once, how do you think this word should be spelled?

The word immediate is usually misspelled as imediate, with an m left out. Immediate is defined as something occurring or being done at once; instant, swift, prompt, rapid, brisk; nearest in rank, time or relationship.

Can you point to the option that seems correct?

Publicly refers to something being done in a manner observable or to be seen by other people; something done by the public or government, rather than a private or independent company. This word is frequently mistakenly spelled as publically.

Meaning very small or minute, how does one spell this word?

Minuscule is commonly misspelled as miniscule with i instead of the first u. Minuscule is defined as extremely small, tiny diminutive, miniature, micro, minute and nanoscale; of or in lowercase letters, as distinct from uppercase letters or uncials.

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