Quiz: Can You Spell These Car Manufacturers Correctly?
Can You Spell These Car Manufacturers Correctly?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Ermell via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

It wasn't that long ago that the first automobile was created. And while it looked nothing like what we're being offered today, it was revolutionary in its own right. Throughout the decades, man has only gotten better at designing vehicles for us to drive and now, we're in a time where cars are far more luxurious than we thought they would ever be. But the men and women responsible for creating those masterpieces have names- and that's why we're here today.

Now, we won't ask you to match the vehicle to the brand (you can find other quizzes like that on this site), but we will try to find out whether or not you can spell the names of the companies who make your favorites. Of course, we're going to give you some of our favorite Italian, French and Japanese brands, but there are also a few American brands sprinkled in there somewhere. 

So, if you think you know whether Mitsubishi or Mitsubushi is correct, or whether it's Lamborghini or Lamboghini, go ahead and take this quiz. Will you become the new auto spelling bee champ, or will you go back to basics?

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