Quiz: Can You Take A Bite Out Of This Shark Quiz?
Can You Take A Bite Out Of This Shark Quiz?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Hundreds of millions of years old, sharks are the true apex predators of the ocean. Sharks inspire fear and fascination, but how well do you know them? Test your shark IQ with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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Sharks kill many people every year: True or false?
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Most of a shark's brain is dedicated to smell: True or false?
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Sharks were around before which other animal?
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How many types of sharks are there?
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Are most kinds of sharks known to attack humans?
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Sharks are a class of:
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Sharks never run out of teeth: True or false?
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How do sharks typically eat?
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Do sharks eat other sharks?
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Are all sharks carnivores?
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Which of these sharks is the most dangerous to humans?
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Sharks do not have bones: True or false?
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Tiger sharks are known for being __________.
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Shark fin soup has healing properties: True or false?
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The shortfin mako shark's fin is often used in:
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Some species of shark are believed to live for over 100 years: True or false?
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Do shark mothers raise their young?
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What shark terrorized the beach in "Jaws?"
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The oceanic whitetip shark is known for being the first on the scene during:
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The shortfin mako shark is believed to be the _______ of all sharks.
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Which shark swims in both fresh and saltwater?
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Many shark species are endangered: True or false?
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How many sharks do people kill a year?
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How big is the smallest shark?
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How long is the average shark lifespan?
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Sharks can be intimidated: True or false?
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How often do sharks need to eat to survive?
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Is it true that most sharks actively hunt humans?
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Which tiny shark attacks big prey?
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Do hammerhead sharks attack people often?
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Which shark has been found in the Mississippi River?
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Which of these sharks is famous for eating literally anything?
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Is the whale shark a whale or a shark?
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Which gentle shark does great in an aquarium with other fish?
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