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In baseball, a “can of corn” refers to

A can of corn is an easily caught pop-up to the outfield. It refers to how grocery store clerks used to pull cans off of top shelfs, letting them fall into their aprons.

The star pitcher on a baseball team is referred to as

An ace always refers to a starting pitcher. The best relief pitcher is called a closer, because he's brought in to close a victory.

A pitch intentionally thrown high and inside, near a batter’s head, is referred to as

Chin music is used to move a batter away from the plate. When effective, this opens up the outside portion of the plate for pitchers.

In baseball, which of these terms does not refer to a fastball pitch?

Other terms for a fastball include cheddar and heater. Junk refers to a slower pitch that uses movement to deceive hitters, such as a knuckleball.

Which of these terms refers to a home run?

Other terms for a home run include homer, long ball, four bagger, tater and many more. A home run with the bases loaded is called a grand slam.

When a baseball player gets a free pass, he’s gotten

Pitchers will often intentionally walk a good batter to try to get the next batter out. Another reason to intentionally walk a better is to put a runner on first base, when there are already runners on second and third base, to create a force out at any base.

When a batter strikes out on a called third strike without swinging the bat, he was

"Caught looking" means a batter literally watches the third strike. The batter can also be said to have been “rung up.”

When a pitcher “gets the hook,” he

The team’s manager will come out to the pitcher’s mound to take the ball from the starter. He then makes a “call to the bullpen” to bring out a relief pitcher.

In football, a long desperation pass at the end of a game is called a

Being successful on a hail Mary is like having a prayer answered. The term was coined by Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach after completing a hail Mary to win a playoff game.

In football, a "Mike" refers to

A "Mike" is used to determine which linebacker is the middle linebacker. A quarterback points out the "Mike" to align the blocking scheme in a passing play.

A football is often referred to as a

It's a common misconception that footballs were once made of pigskin, which is how they got the name. Footballs are leather, so they're actually made of cowhide. (Let's try to forget that long ago, inflated bladders were used as balls.)

In football, "coffin corner" refers to

Punters try to kick the ball towards the coffin corner, to pin the opposing offense back against their own goal line. The same area near the defense's goal line is called the red zone.

Referees in football are sometimes called

Referees are called zebras due to the stripes on their uniforms. NFL refs originally wore all white, but changed to stripes to differentiate themselves from players.

In football, "three and out" refers to

When an offense does not pick up a first down, they "go out" so the punt team can kick the ball away. An offense can instead "go for it" and attempt to pick up a first down on fourth down.

In football, YAC refers to

"Yards after catch" has become a popular stat, due to the proliferation of the passing game. Running backs and slot receivers tend to have the highest YAC statistics.

Another name for a football field is

Gridiron refers to the grid like lines used to mark yardage. The term gridiron used to be used to differentiate American football from soccer.

In golf, the "beach" refers to

A bunker is referred to as a beach because it is filled with sand. Ironically, hitting into many bunkers in a round is no day at the beach.

In golf, an albatross refers to

An albatross is also called a double eagle. It is achieved by hitting a hole-in-one on a par 4, or by scoring a 2 on a par 5.

A snowman in golf refers to

The number eight resembles a drawing of a snowman on a scorecard. An eight is called a triple bogey on a par 5, and a double-par on a par 4.

In golf, what does "worm burner" refer to?

A golf shot that never gets off the ground can potentially "burn" unfortunate worms in its path. It's generally not good for the golfer who hit the shot, either.

What does "the turn" in golf refer to?

When a golfer finishes the ninth hole and approached the tenth, he's said to be "making the turn." This refers to the change from "going out" on the first nine holes to "coming in" on the last nine holes.

In basketball, the term "and one" refers to

"And one" refers to the one free throw attempt given to a player who is fouled while making a shot. Making a free throw after a two-point shot is called a "three-point play."

What is "the paint" in basketball?

"The paint" is marked out on the court and is usually filled in with a color distinct from the rest of the court. It can also be referred to as "the lane" or "the key."

In basketball, the term "posterize" refers to

Posterize refers to photos of players dunking on defenders, which often are made into posters. The defender is "posterized."

A "handle" in basketball refers to

When a player has excellent ball-handling skills, he's got handle. Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving have some of the best handles in the NBA.

In basketball, the "glass" refers to

When a player uses the backboard on a bank shot, he will yell "glass." When a player takes a rebound off the backboard, he's "cleaning the glass."

A "one-and-one" in basketball refers to

When a team is "in the penalty" and commits a non-shooting foul, the opposing team gets a one-and-one opportunity. The offensive team in this case is said to be "in the bonus."

In soccer, the playing field is called the

Soccer players are said to "take the pitch" when they enter the field. Pitch is an English word used for Cricket, Field Hockey and Rugby fields as well.

A "hat trick" refers to

The term "hat trick" is used for a player who scores three goals in soccer and hockey. Hockey fans are known to throw their hats onto the ice when a player scores a hat trick.

In soccer, a "caution" refers to

A referee issues a yellow card for standard infractions. If a player received two yellow cards in a match, he is "sent off."

In soccer, "square ball" refers to

Playing square ball is a way of keeping the ball away from the opposing team. It's an effective way to kill time near the end of a match

In hockey, a "pylon" refers to

A pylon is easily skated around by the skilled players. Pylons are generally bigger players, and are often the enforcers.

A "bar down" in hockey refers to

A bar down is also called a bar Mexico. Great scorers pride themselves on going bar down.

In hockey, a "clapper" refers to

A clapper refers to the sound made when a powerful player hits a slapshot. It can also refer to a slapshot goal.

"Flow" in hockey refers to

The long hair "flows" in the breeze as the player skates. Great hockey hair is also called "lettuce" or "salad."

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