Quiz: Can You Tell Australian from UK Slang?
Can You Tell Australian from UK Slang?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Most of us have been able to pick up a bit of UK and Australian slang from watching television. Do you think you know enough about the differences between the two to ace this quiz? Let's get started to find out.

G'day mate. Are you into some shrimp on the barbie, or would you rather have some fish fingers and custard? Yup, we mixed things up there, but that's the theme of this quiz, right?

Slang exists in every language and culture. According to the definition of the word "slang," it is a collection of, mostly spoken, words that are very informal and that may be limited to a particular context or group of individuals. This means that even UK and Australian slang will vary according to age, geography, culture, and even interests. 

Some slang has been relatively persistent throughout the ages, but some has come and gone according to fads. And, just because some of us have a hard time deciphering the difference between the UK and Australian accents, does not mean that the slang used by each of these peoples are similar because that is not necessarily the truth.

So, if you think you can hang with the slang of the UK and Australia, take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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