Quiz: Can You Tell if This Fact Is About the Spanish Empire or the British Empire?
Can You Tell if This Fact Is About the Spanish Empire or the British Empire?
By: John Miller
Image: Francisco de Zurbarán

About This Quiz

These days, the United States, Russia and China all dominate their spheres of influence and have a grip on territories all over the world. But long before these superpowers came along, there were the Spanish and British Empires. With their fearsome militaries, aggressive explorers and opportunistic business leaders, these empires captured and exploited lands (and peoples) all over Earth. In this imperialistic quiz, do you think you can match these facts to the correct European empire?

Centuries ago, both Britain and Spain were ruled exclusively by monarchs, the kings and queens who made and enforced the laws of the lands. When one country’s monarchs decided to strike out for the New World, so too did other European leaders, who didn’t want to miss out on a chance to exploit new trade routes and resources. A race to conquer the New World began. What do you know about the military forces and political factors that propelled European empires?

The Age of Discovery began in the early 15th century and gave rise to the legends of Christopher Columbus and the Conquistadors. As navies from Europe extended their journeys, so too did the reach of empires. In fact, naval powers were a primary force in imperialism, giving kings and queens immense spheres of influence around the globe. Do you know how empires expanded their reach in every hemisphere?

Don your tiara and smash your scepter on the questions in this empire quiz! We’ll see if you really know the difference between the Spanish and British Empires now!

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