Quiz: Can You Tell if This Was This Written By An American or a Brit?
Can You Tell if This Was This Written By An American or a Brit?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Are you a bit of an Anglophile? Take this quiz to find out if you can recognize the difference between American and British writing.

Huh? The difference between American and British writing? Isn't it all English. Well, although it is all certainly English, there is a difference between American and British writing. It's not just all in the accent, either (that's a whole other topic... and quiz subject).

One of the primary differences between American and British writing is the use of "s" in the place of "z" in some instances. For instance, where we Americans write "organize," a Brit would write "organise." Looks weird, we know, and your spell check program would probably explode if you tried to write the word that way (believe it or not, there is a setting in most spell check programs that allows for variations of English). However, writing this word, and many others with an "s" instead of a "z" is considered correct in England, and in many other countries, for that matter. In fact, some people insist that we Americans should also use an "s" instead of a "z" in the same instances, but we won't go into the politics of the matter here.

Let's get started.

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Place the french fries on the cookie sheet.
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Let's prepare a beetroot salad.
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It's best to eat a cookie with your coffee.
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Our family lives in the same block of flats.
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Drink-driving is illegal in this country.
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Throw that trash in the garbage can!
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The estate agent sold me the house.
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Fish sticks and french fries make a great meal.
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The pipe is made of aluminium.
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This is where soccer is played.
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We're celebrating a hen night!
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Hot soup can lead to a hot flash.
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It's best to buy a new pair of trainers.
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She was embarrassed by her Christmas jumper.
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The portly gentleman preferred to wear a vest.
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Would you like some crisps with your sandwich?
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I'm hungry.
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Blue is the colour of the sky.
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We travel on an airplane.
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Please write me a cheque.
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The cat has grey eyes.
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Fancy some courgette noodles?
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Care for some eggplant parmesan?
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I can live off jacket potatoes.
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This is where you ride the subway.
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You can buy pain medication at the chemist.
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There are no phone booths anymore.
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To find the engine, lift the bonnet of the car.
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The pebble cracked the windshield.
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I popped a tyre.
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Fancy an Indian takeaway?
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Just send it through the post.
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The Plough was shining in the night sky.
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Let's take the family on vacation.
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I almost got hit by a lorry!
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