Can you tell which food is higher on the glycemic index?

By: Olivia Seitz

Which of these grains is highest on the glycemic index?

White rice has a high glycemic index, around 72. Barley and quinoa are typically low glycemic foods.

Which of the following vegetables is actually high glycemic, with a value greater than 55?

Sweet potatoes are a bit sweeter than the other veggies on this list, and their GI of about 70 reflects that. Interestingly, yams are considered marginally low glycemic, with an average value of 54.

Which of these foods is higher on the glycemic index than the others?

Mahatma basmati rice has a GI of 58, and the grain as a whole runs in the high 50s and lower 60s for GI values.

What is the only high glycemic food listed below?

Grapes are marginally high glycemic, with a value of 59. Broccoli and tilapia are all great choices for a low glycemic meal.

Which of these foods has the highest GI value?

Shortbread is the highest GI item listed here, with an average glycemic index of 64. Corn on the cob and steak are low glycemic foods.

Which of these foods is high glycemic?

Salmon, brisket, and avocados are so low on the glycemic index that they don't have a value (or if they did, it would effectively be zero). That's because their sugar and starch content is nonexistent!

Which of these snacks has the highest GI?

Fruit Roll-Ups are essentially just sugar, and they have a whopping glycemic index of 99. Since pure sugar has a GI of 100, it's hard to come up with a snack that has a higher GI than that!

Which of these nuts has the highest glycemic index value?

Glycemic index data for nuts is scarce because they are so low on the index, but it appears that cashews are the highest with an average GI of 22, considerably higher than even peanuts, which come in at 13.

Which food has the highest GI value?

In most cases, ice cream still has a higher GI than pears. As it turns out, though, some brands of ice cream, often premium, can have a lower GI than many fruits.

Which of these veggies actually has a GI higher than pure sugar?

Baked potatoes may be a food to avoid when you're on a low glycemic diet. Baked russets actually have a glycemic index of 111!

Which of these legumes is most likely to increase your blood sugar?

This traditional addition to Southern meals is actually one of the higher GI foods among the legume family, at 50 GI. Nonetheless, all legumes are considered low GI.

Which fruit has a higher glycemic index?

While all of these fruits are low glycemic index foods, a banana has the highest GI value, at 48. When it comes to their full effects, however, dates carry a higher glycemic load of 18, versus bananas' GL of 11.

Which of the following is higher on the glycemic index: French fries or pretzels?

Pretzels often land in the upper 80s, making them a bad food to choose on a low glycemic diet. French fries are usually high glycemic, but trend in the 50s and 60s.

Pick the food with a higher GI than the rest:

Grape-nuts are touted as a healthy breakfast, but anyone watching blood sugar should beware: they have a glycemic index of 75 and a glycemic load of 16.

Which morning food has the highest GI?

Puffed wheat cereals have a surprisingly high GI of 80. Bacon, grapefruit and apple juice all have significantly lower GI values than puffed wheat.

Which of the following foods has the highest glycemic index?

Honey has an average GI value of 61, making it on the low end of high glycemic sweeteners. Compared to glucose, at 100, that's pretty good!

Which of these candies is NOT high glycemic?

Peanut M&Ms are actually low glycemic, but Skittles and Live Savers are definitely high glycemic. Whether a candy is high or low GI depends greatly on the primary ingredients and the amount of sugar added.

Which has the highest GI: green peas, hummus or spinach?

Surprisingly, green peas have a slightly higher average GI than a supreme pizza! That's not the final word on the matter, though: overall, the peas have a lower glycemic load, at 4, compared to 9 for the pizza, meaning the peas' overall effect on the body's glucose levels is less of a problem.

Which breakfast cereal has the highest GI?

Not surprisingly, the sugary, chocolate-flavored cereal is higher on the glycemic index than the other cereals, which make at least some attempt at being healthy.

Can you put these foods in order from highest GI to lowest?

Chickpeas are very low on the glycemic index with a value of 10, reduced-fat yogurt with fruit averages around 33, and plain orange slices come in at 45 on average. Since they're all below 55, they're considered low glycemic.

Which of these breakfast foods has the highest GI?

On average, corn flakes have a higher GI, at 81, than store-bought waffles, but all of these foods are high on the glycemic index. Which brand you buy can make a big difference, though - if your corn flakes are coated in a layer of sugar, they'll have a much higher GI than plain corn flakes.

Which of these milk products is higher on the GI?

Most products made directly with milk are low GI foods, and yogurt (even with fruit added) is no exception. But, fruity yogurt cups still have a higher GI than plain milk and cheese.

Which of these breads has the highest GI value?

The French baguette is our culprit here, with an average GI of 95. It's almost as bad as eating pure sugar - at least as far as your insulin level is concerned.

Which has the higher glycemic index: pure honey or Bulla toffee-flavored ice cream?

Despite the toffee flavoring, Bulla ice cream has a GI of about 27, while honey sits at 61. Ice cream GI varies by brand, but often comes in as low glycemic overall.

How do the GI values of agave nectar and honey compare?

Honey has a GI value of 61, whereas most agave nectar has a GI around 30, depending on brand. There's some controversy regarding the overall effect of agave in individuals with diabetes, but there's no debating the low GI of agave nectar.

Which product made with strawberries is likely to be higher on the glycemic index?

It's tempting to think strawberry jam would be the worst offender since its main ingredients are berries and sugar, but it turns out that strawberry fruit bars have average GI values in the low 90s, much higher than jam's average of 51.

Which of these dips is high glycemic?

Unless you're adding spoonfuls of sugar to your salsa, or your bean dips for that matter, none of these foods should be high glycemic. Legumes like chickpeas and black beans are low glycemic, as are the fresh veggies and fruits used for salsa.

Pick out the highest GI drink:

As it turns out, Gatorade has a pretty high glycemic index, around 89. Nevertheless, its glycemic load is still less than that of Coca-Cola.

Arrange the following foods in order of greatest to lowest glycemic index:

Instant oatmeal has a GI of 79, watermelon has a GI of 72, and vanilla cake from a mix with frosting only has a GI of 42. But don't let the GI fool you: vanilla cake's glycemic load averages around 24 (fairly high) while watermelon's is only about 4 (really low).

Which of these tasty sweets has the highest GI?

Vanilla wafers, on average, have a slightly higher GI than packaged waffles.

Which movie-time snack is higher on the glycemic index?

Oven baked pretzels typically have a GI around 80, making them the highest GI item on this list. Regardless, all these snack foods are considered high GI foods.

Which drink is higher on the glycemic index: Fanta orange drink or cranberry juice cocktail?

Interestingly, the average GI for both is 68. Unsweetened apple juice is lower, at about 41.

Which pasta has the highest glycemic index?

Macaroni comes in as the highest, with a glycemic index value averaging at 50. Spaghetti is close behind, but fettuccine's glycemic index is only 32!

Which has a higher GI value: steamed brown rice or corn chips?

Steamed brown rice only has a glycemic index of 50, and corn chips follow closely at 42. That means both are considered low glycemic index foods.

Which has a higher GI value: a serving of pizza or a serving of hamburger?

There are many differences which make it impossible to categorize one as higher GI than the other. Is the burger with or without a bun? What flour was used for the pizza crust, and what were the toppings? How much is a serving?Pizza alone can range from mid-30s to low 80s, depending on the circumstances.

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