Quiz: Can You Translate These Australian Phrases?
Can You Translate These Australian Phrases?
By: Deborah Beckwin
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About This Quiz

Any culture or country has its own way of saying things, and Australia is no different. 

Australia does not have an official language, but the de facto official language is English, which is spoken by over 75 percent of the population. 

But what makes Australian English unique?

Back in the 1960s, the term "Strine" (pronounced strain) was invented to describe how Australians talk. Strine itself is the way to say the word "Australian," but in a more clipped and phonetic form. 

So where Strine come from? Australia was formerly a penal colony, and this dialect came from two groups of people: London convicts who spoke cockney, a British dialect of English from those who lived on the East End, and Irish convicts. Then it became a cool, rebellious way to talk.

Strine itself mainly a lot of word shortening and abbreviations, like the word "Aussie," which is short for Australian. And "barbie" is shortened for barbeque. Some Strine words you may recognize, like "aggro" meaning aggressive and "deli" meaning delicatessen. 

Australian English also has Aboriginal words. You may recognize "moola," which means money. Kangaroo, dingo, and kookaburra are also Aboriginal words.
In Australia, English words may mean different things outside of the country. If you're going to have tea, you're actually going to have dinner. And a cuppa is a cup of tea (also a British term).

We hope you enjoy this deadly (awesome) quiz on Straya (Australia)! Good luck!

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