Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Basic Spanish Words And Phrases?
How Well Do You Know These Basic Spanish Words And Phrases?
By: Isadora Teich
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Do you think you know enough basic Spanish to ace this quiz? Let's find out.

Learning a foreign language is hard. But even if you don't have Rosetta Stone, you've probably picked up a few words of other languages here and there. Words and phrases from other languages naturally make their way into English as people from other countries immigrate to ours. This is a great way to learn to communicate with people from other countries. And, assuming that you'd like to travel one day, knowing even a few basic phrases in the language that's common in the country you plan to visit is not only polite; it's smart.

Common Spanish words and phrases that have made their way into common use include "por favor," which means "please;" "de nada," which means "you're welcome," but which, literally translated, means "it is nothing;" "te amo," which means "I love you" (the word "te" is pronounced "tay"), and "hasta luego," which means see you later, gater... well, not really, but it is a way to say "goodbye" in Spanish.

How well do you think you know these basic Spanish words and phrases? Could you communicate in Spanish?

Take this quiz to find out how much you know.

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