Quiz: Can You Translate These Trucker Slang Words?
Can You Translate These Trucker Slang Words?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Getty Images via Aerial Skelley

About This Quiz

10-4 Good buddy! You driving a bull hauler tonight?

CB radio was a big thing back in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s! People sat in their homes talking to one another, developing their own special language that only they understood ... along with truckers!

Long-haul trucking is a lonely job, that's for sure. CB radios helped with that loneliness.  They gave truckers a way to stay in communication with each other, to help eat up the miles as truck rode the length and breadth of America.  

CB radios were so popular that a first lady even had a handle. That's right, Betty Ford, wife of President Gerald Ford had a CB handle. And what was it? First mama! How apt. 

Do you know how CB radios became popular? Well, it was the '70s gas crises that fueled them. With a national speed limit of 55 mph. Truckers used CB radios to communicate, point out police speed points and inform each other cheap fuel stops. 

And of course, they had their own way of speaking, a trucker slang was invented.

And in this quiz, we are going to test your knowledge of trucker slang to its fullest.

10-4 Good buddy, and good luck!

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A trucker normally has a "comic book." What would this be?
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If a trucker said he almost had an accident involving a "crotch rocket," what did he nearly hit?
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Any ideas as to what "double nickel" referred to?
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A trucker who "had their nightgown on" was ready to do what?
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"Baker Niner 46" would be a trucker's ______
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"Just passed a meat wagon on the interstate" would refer to what vehicle?
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If a trucker were to say they will "mash their motor," what do you think they meant?
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"Negatory" means ________
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Could you tell us what this trucker slang term means: "pay the water bill."
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Truckers are usually very courteous. What does "'preeshaydit" mean?
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What does the term "roller skate" refer to?
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A trucker who picked up a "sleeper creeper" had what in his cab?
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When a trucker said "A stagecoach just passed me," what type of vehicle was he referring to?
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________ is covered by the term, "Wally World."
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Truckers also used codes while taking. What does "10-1" mean?
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"We have a 10-42 near the turnpike" would mean an _________
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"Driver eastbound on the highway, your truck has a black eye" would refer to?
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Any ideas as to what a "big truck" is?
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If a trucker was at the "chicken coop," what was going to happen next?
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A "dragon wagon" is a?
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Filling up with "go-go juice" meant a trucker was:
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