Quiz: Travel the World: Canadian Provinces
Travel the World: Canadian Provinces
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Many people think of Canada as a monolithic country of rugged mountains and snow. In fact, this enormous country is filled with lakes, mountains, rivers, prairies, steppes, forests, Pacific AND Atlantic beaches and much more. For the nature lover, the relatively undeveloped land allows one to glimpse what the area was like before people started to build sprawling cities. 

Canada is a relatively new country, although it's been populated for millennia by indigenous tribes. It's made up of provinces and territories--do you know what they are and how many of each exist?  Do you know the most populated province? What about which provinces and territories share a border with the United States?  Don't forget the Alaskan border!

While most Canadians speak English, do you know what other languages they speak?  It's not just French. Hint: Nova Scotia means "New Scotland" in Latin.

Besides European languages, there are dozens of native languages spoken as well, such as: Cree, Inuktitut and Innu-aimun. 

No matter what you speak, you can prove that you know more about the Canadian provinces than your family and friends. Take this quiz to find out how much you know!

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