Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Car Flood Damage
Fact or Fiction: Car Flood Damage
By: Staff
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With all the flooding in the U.S. in recent years, car buyers should beware: Flood-damaged cars are showing up on used car lots nationwide, sometimes without any warning to potential owners. How much do you know about flood-damaged cars? Take our quiz and find out!

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The odor from mold and mildew eventually fades.
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Opening the glove compartment may tell you whether or not a car has been in a flood.
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The worst that can happen when inadvertently buying a flood-damaged car is that it will cost more money than anticipated.
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It's never a good idea to buy a flood-damaged car.
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It's a safe bet to buy a flood-damaged car as a temporary solution since you can always turn around and resell it.
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A new stereo system is always a big plus in a used car.
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As long as you buy a car in a state that has been spared from flooding, the used car is not likely to be flood damaged.
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You can test for water damage by bending wires under the dashboard.
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You might not be told if a car is flood-damaged since not all states require dealers to disclose such history.
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A sweet-smelling car is always a good sign that it was well taken care of.
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