Quiz: CB Radio Lingo Quiz
CB Radio Lingo Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

10-4 Good buddy! I just passed a "Blinkin Winkin" on the "Double Deuce."

CB radio was a massive form of communication back in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's! And not just for truckers, but also for people sitting at home in their garages. A massive community sprung up all over the world, but especially in the United States. And CB-radios gave truckers a chance to stay in communication with each other. A great thing indeed to help with the loneliness of the long roads they had to travel transporting goods up and down the country.

CB radios were so popular that even a first lady had a handle. That's right, Betty Ford, wife of President Gerald Ford had a CB handle. And what was it? First mama! How apt.

And with this form of communication's rise in popularity, a new way of speaking quickly followed. Terms sprung up for all manner of things with many of them reserved for police in every form. Cities received new names, some vehicles were rebranded and even putting in gas became known as putting in "motion lotion."

So in this quiz, we are going to test your knowledge of CB-lingo to the fullest!

Do you have what it takes to ace this test, Good Neighbor?

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Someone on a CB-radio reporting they are broadcasting from "Music Town" would be living where?
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In the United States, somebody broadcasting from "Beertown" would live where?
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If you were talking about your "ankle-biters" to your CB-radio buddy, what would he think they were?
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"Double Deuce" is the name for which highway in the United States?
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If a trucker mentioned on the CB that he was heading to "Motor City," where is he going?
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When a trucker mentions a "fender bender," what has he seen?
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Which location is known as "Shakeytown?"
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A "Jabber" in CB-radio speak stands for which of the following?
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"How many candles are you burning?" is a CB-radio request for a person's ______?
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If someone said they were from "Sin City" in CB-land, where do they live?
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Any ideas what the "You Ass Eh" is a CB-radio user might mention refers to?
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Someone calling in a "10-200" at a location wants the ______ to attend the scene.
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Truckers called a certain stretch of road in the United States "The Dime." What is it?
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What U.S. city is known as "Cigar City?"
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What state is the "Bikini State" in CB-lingo?
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If a trucker mentions a "checkpoint charlie," where is stuck?
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A vehicle known as a "plain brown wrapper" is what exactly?
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Let's try some Australian CB-lingo now. Down Under, what is a "flash for cash?"
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Any vehicle towing an "anchor clanker" is pulling what?
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A trucker might report a "cheese wagon" pulled over on the curb that needs help. What vehicle would that be?
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Someone termed an "A&A" is doing what during CB communication?
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If a trucker is referred to as an "Alice in Wonderland," what is the problem?
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Someone referred to a "Crotch-Rocket Cowboy" would be riding what?
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A trucker making a stop for "go-go juice" is _____?
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If a trucker had lost his "joke book," what would he be looking for?
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Who would an "old lady" be in CB-lingo speak?
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Most truckers steer clear of "Lot Lizards." What are they?
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