Quiz: Check out the most bewitching quiz ever!
Check out the most bewitching quiz ever!
By: Monica Lee
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Love is bewitching. But for Darren Stephens, it wasn't just love. His entire life that was bewitching once he married Samantha. Just like many of us, Darren wanted a quiet, uncomplicated life. However, every time he came home from work, he was always surprised by the world of witchcraft. Whether it was a mother-in-law stringing him up by his toes, or a warlock offering advice, Darren patiently tried to handle it all. 

As a mere mortal, will you be able to recall the comic situations that Darren found himself in? Or remember the names of his nosy neighbors or high-strung boss (Larry)? Take a twitch and see how many answers appear. 

The characters in "Bewitched" were clever and comical. Do you recall Samatha's cousin Serena, who was also played by Elizabeth Montgomery? Serena liked Darren and was more progressive in her view of morals. How about Aunt Clara, an old, sweet, bumbling and mumbling witch? And lest we forget, the series aired long enough for the Stephens to add baby Tabatha to their family. It's time to stop reminiscing and time to start twitching your finger to choose the correct answers on this quiz. Do it now. 

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