Quiz: Cheerleader Lingo Is Totally a Thing: How Many of These Words Do You Know?
Cheerleader Lingo Is Totally a Thing: How Many of These Words Do You Know?
By: Deborah Beckwin
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About This Quiz

Think that cheerleading is just yelling chants and cheers, shaking pom-poms and indiscriminately jumping around and yelling? That's only just the surface of what cheerleading is about.

Cheerleading is a legitimate sport, and if you haven't watched a cheerleading competition--then prepare to not believe your eyes.

Cheerleading is part dance, part gymnastics, part acrobatics, but 100 percent athleticism. What cheerleaders do in the air with aerial moves in a short amount of time can be jaw-dropping to behold. The tumbling passes rival those on the floor routines in gymnastics.

All team members have to work in unison to not only safely get the jumps and stunts done safely, but also to be synchronized.

Many cheerleaders start training when they are really young, hoping to one day make it to the Worlds--the Cheerleading World Championship, the biggest cheerleading competition by the U.S. All Star Federation.

So, do you have big bows ready? Ready to sell it to this quiz? Stretch, get flexible and then flip on into this quiz! Good luck!

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