Quiz: Where Everybody Knows Your Name: The 'Cheers' Quiz
Where Everybody Knows Your Name: The 'Cheers' Quiz
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Everybody knows your name at this famous Boston watering hole, but how well do you know their names? Or anything else about this quirky cast of characters?

When "Cheers" burst on the television scene in the early '80s, it was to abysmal ratings. But the laugh was on us; we eventually couldn't get enough of the show and its loveable characters: Sam, Diane, Norm, Cliff, Woody, Carla, Frasier and more.

The bar's red-brick and white-awninged exterior, shown in the show's establishing shots, was the real-life Bull & Finch Pub in Boston's Beacon Hill. The television studio paid the bar's owner $1 for the honor. Once the show became popular, visitors began flooding the Bull & Finch's basement bar, but were often disappointed because it did not resemble the "Cheers" set at all. Eventually, the owner added a ground-floor gift shop and bar, the latter of which was recreated to resemble the one on the set of "Cheers." Visitors were delighted.

"Cheers" launched the careers of many of its cast members, such as Ted Danson (Sam Malone), who jumped to the big screen after "Cheers," although he had more success back on television. Kelsey Grammer played Dr. Frasier Crane on "Cheers" and also on the subsequent hit show "Frasier." And once everybody heard John Ratzenberger's distinctive voice, the man who played Cliff Clavin voiced characters in every Pixar animated film to date.

Test your knowledge of Boston's famous bar crew by taking our "Cheers" quiz!

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