Quiz: Quiz: Chess Puzzles
Quiz: Chess Puzzles
By: Staff
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Just as the game of chess can become a lifelong passion, so can chess puzzles. Show us how much you know about the terminology and rules behind the various kinds of chess puzzles.

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What is the “stipulation” in a chess puzzle?
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What's the name for a chess puzzle with the task “white to play and win in two moves?”
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Which type of chess puzzle does not require completion in a certain number of moves?
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Which kind of chess puzzle asks white to force black to deliver a checkmate, while black resists?
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What's the name for a chess puzzle that requires a player to reconstruct the moves that led up to the given scenario?
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In a chess problem, what is known as “the key?”
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In what kind of chess puzzle might you find a nightrider?
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What's the name for an incorrect first move in a chess problem?
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A chess problem with more than one solution is said to be what?
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