Quiz: A Game of Strategy: The Chess Quiz
A Game of Strategy: The Chess Quiz
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About This Quiz

Chess takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master — no wonder it's got so many fans! Take our quiz to see how much you know about the game, its history and its greatest moments.

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What year did the game of chess originate?
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What was the king called in the original Indian version of chess?
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When was the International Chess Foundation established?
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What color should the square on the corner of the board at the player's right-hand side be?
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How many squares are on a chessboard?
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What are the rows on a chessboard called?
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What is the correct name for the columns on a chessboard?
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True or false: When naming a square on the board, the file always comes first.
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What piece goes on the corner spaces in the row closest to each player?
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What is the maximum number of spaces that a rook can travel in one move?
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What piece sits next to the rook when setting up the chessboard?
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True or false: The knight is the only piece in chess that can jump over other pieces.
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Which direction do bishops move?
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What color square should the white queen rest on at the start of the game?
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What direction can the queen move in chess?
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What piece must be captured to end the game?
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How many spaces can the king move in a single turn?
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How many pawns does each player have in a game?
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What do you say when you threaten your opponent's king?
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What is the maximum number of spaces that a pawn can move in one turn?
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What piece does NOT move during castling?
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True or false: You are NOT allowed to castle out of check.
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What pieces are involved in en passant?
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What do chess players call it when they win the game?
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What happens if you have no available moves, but your king is not currently under attack?
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How old was chess legend Bobby Fischer during the "Game of the Century"?
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True or false: The longest game of correspondence chess — chess by mail — lasted for 53 years.
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What is the fewest number of moves needed to win a game of chess?
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What is the official tournament board called?
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