The Ultimate Child Safety Quiz


Which of these is a leading cause of injury and death among children below the age of five?

Children below the age of five are very susceptible to injury and death caused by preventable household accidents.

In which of these types of containers should you never store poisonous materials?

Children often take things at face value. If they see a food container, they will likely assume what's inside is edible.

The best place to store poisonous materials in the home is where?

Keep all poisonous materials as far out of reach as possible, even if that means you have to use a ladder to reach them.

During the winter holidays, many people decorate the home with which of these poisonous items?

The romance of hanging mistletoe in your home should take a back seat to the fact that mistletoe is poisonous.

Which of these exotic ingredients is actually poisonous?

Rhubarb might be a delicious addition to your strawberry pie, but the plant itself is poisonous and should be kept away from young children.

If you have young children, you should set the hot water in your home to what temperature?

Your hot water should not be any higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49C). Water above that temperature will scald the sensitive skin of young children.

One of the most effective ways to keep kids away from dangerous kitchen items is to do which of these?

There are some excellent child-proof latches on the market that are both affordable and easy to install.

Which way should you turn the handles of pots and pans in use on the stove?

Always turn the handles of pots and pans in use inward, so that your children can't grab them and accidentally scald themselves.

Jewelry poses what sort of danger to infants?

Many infants are attracted to shiny objects, and those same infants tend to put anything they find directly into their mouths. This means that jewelry is always a choking hazard, so keep your jewelry (fake or real) out of reach.

A sleeping infant should never be given which of these?

A cozy pillow might seem like a thoughtful item to give a sleeping infant, but the risk of asphyxiation is extremely high.

What is the most dangerous room in any house?

For both children and adults, the most dangerous room in the house is the bathroom. Between the myriad dangerous chemicals, a tub that can be filled with water, and the many slippery surfaces, the bathroom is a room in which children should never be allowed unsupervised.

In the bathroom that your children use, you should mark which of these?

Even if your children are old enough to bathe on their own, they might not always remember which knob turns on the hot water. Mark the hot-water knob to prevent young kids from scalding themselves.

To prevent injury you should modify the sharp corners of your furniture in what way?

Toddlers will often practice their new-found ability to walk with reckless abandon. Protect them from injury by affixing soft, round bumpers to the sharp corners of your furniture.

Fireplaces should be equipped with which of these safety features?

There are very few things more romantic than an evening by the fireplace. There are also very few things more dangerous for kids, so make sure your fireplace has both a barrier and a screen.

Every floor of a home should have at least one of which of these important items?

Smoke detectors have a limited range, so you should have at least one per floor.

The screen you use to keep your children away from the fireplace should be made of what material?

Some fireplaces come with beautiful glass screens. The problem is that glass can reach extremely high temperatures, so stick with mesh while the children are young.

How should you protect kids with medical conditions?

Any child with a medical condition should carry identification that includes the child's name, condition, the proper course of emergency treatment, and the name and number of the child's physician. A medical-alert bracelet works well.

What is one of the most important lessons any child can ever learn?

It may be cliché, but the sooner your children learn never to talk to strangers, the sooner they will have learned one of life's most important safety lessons.

When riding a bicycle, you must insist that your children wear which of these?

The impact injuries that can occur from falling off of a bicycle can be fatal. Children should always wear a helmet -- in fact, in many states it's the law.

Children should be taught never to provide which of these pieces of information over the phone?

No one but you should know when your child is home alone. Children should be taught never to reveal this fact, especially over the phone.

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