Quiz: Child of War: The Anne Frank Quiz
Child of War: The Anne Frank Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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She was more than a precocious kid in an attic -- she brought an eloquence and humanity to the suffering of World War II. How much do you know about Anne Frank?

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What year was Anne Frank born?
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Where was Anne born?
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How many people were in the Frank family when they moved to Amsterdam?
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The Frank family escaped Germany by moving to Netherlands. In 1942, why were they forced to go into hiding?
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How long was the family in hiding from the Nazis?
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Anne wrote most of her diary in which format?
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In her diary, what did Anne call the secret hiding place where her family lived?
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What purpose did Anne ultimately intend for the contents of her diary?
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Which member of the Frank family was the only one to survive the war?
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After they captured the Franks, why did the Nazis declare the whole family criminals?
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Anne developed a romantic relationship with an older boy during her time in hiding.
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Where did the family hide in order to avoid detection by the Nazis?
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Otto's employees had no idea that the family was living in a building attached to the company's workspace.
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How did the time spent in hiding affect the relationship between Anne and her sister?
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When they were in hiding, how did the Franks obtain food and other necessities?
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How did Anne and Margot likely die?
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After the Franks were arrested, what happened to the company employees who helped the family survive in their hiding place?
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During her time in hiding, Anne decided that she wanted to pursue which career?
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After the Nazis overran Amsterdam, to which country did the Frank family attempt to move?
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Why have some people called Anne's diary "pornographic" and called for its censorship?
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How did the Nazis find the Frank family's hiding place?
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Of the eight people who went into hiding in Otto's building, how many survived the war?
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How do critics perceive Anne's writing style?
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Anne kept her diary a complete secret from her family during their time in hiding.
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In what year was Anne's diary published?
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When the Nazis found the family in hiding, what did the arresting officer say to Otto with regards to his youngest daughter?
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How did Anne's mother Edith die?
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How did Otto Frank die?
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How did Otto Frank respond to the publicity that his daughter's writing received?
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Anne died in March 1945. When was the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp liberated by British troopers?
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