Quiz: The Ultimate Chimney Cleaning Quiz
The Ultimate Chimney Cleaning Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

You should have your chimney cleaned regularly to prevent chimney fires and house fires. If you want to save on professional chimney cleaning costs, try cleaning your own chimney. It' important, however, that you clean your chimney using an appropriate method. Take this quiz and learn how you can clean your own chimney safely.

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What substance needs to be removed when you clean a chimney?
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When should you clean a wood burning fireplace?
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Why is it important that gas fire logs be placed in a certain position?
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What is the most important tool needed for cleaning a chimney?
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Why do most people prefer the top down rod method for cleaning chimneys?
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Why should you consider the bottom up rod method for cleaning chimneys?
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Which of the following chimney cleaning methods is messy?
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