Quiz: Chinese Checkers Quiz
Chinese Checkers Quiz
By: Staff
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You may be good at stepping and hopping, but how much do you really know about Chinese checkers? Take our quiz to find out.

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How many points does the star-shaped Chinese checkers board have?
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How many holes or indentations are in a Chinese checker board?
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Chinese checkers was derived from which older board game?
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Halma is the Greek word for what?
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Chinese checkers were a craze in the United States during which of the following decades?
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True or false: As the name suggests, Chinese checkers originated in China.
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The six triangular areas that serve as the starting point for each player’s pieces are called what?
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For a two-person game, how many pieces should each player place in his or her home base?
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The goal of Chinese checkers is to move your pieces from your home base to where?
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Which is not a move in Chinese checkers?
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True or false: In traditional Chinese checkers, a player does not collect pieces that he or she has hopped.
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What's the fewest number of moves necessary to play a complete two-person game of Chinese checkers?
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Which is the most efficient way to move your pieces across the board?
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What's the best formation in which to move your pieces across the board?
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True or false: If a hop is available, you have to take it.
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True or false: Chinese checkers can be played with teams.
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Which is a difference between traditional Chinese checkers and "super" Chinese checkers?
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When setting up the pieces for "capture" Chinese checkers, which hole in the central hexagon is left open?
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Which variation is the most different from traditional Chinese checkers?
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