Quiz: CHiPs TV Show Quiz
CHiPs TV Show Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: TMDB

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Test your knowledge on the classic TV show CHiPs!

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What was the name of Erik Estrada's character on the show?
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How many seasons did "CHiPs" run?
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Where is the show set?
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Who plays Sgt. Joe Getraer on the show?
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Who is the only character on the show to draw a gun?
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Bruce Jenner appeared on "CHiPs."
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Which cop quit the show permanently after Season 5?
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What did actor Bruce Penhall do before joining "CHiPs" in Season 5?
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Which of these female officers joined "CHiPs" first?
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Who played Officer Bonnie Clark on the show?
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Which "CHiPs" officer has the most questionable driving skills?
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What is Harlin Arliss' job?
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Which of these is an annual event for CHP officers?
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What is the favorite sport for CHP members?
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What celebrity's house is threatened by an avalanche in Season 4?
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What is the name of the first "CHiPS" female motorcycle officer?
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Which officer suffers a serious eye injury in the Season 4 finale?
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What part-time job does Ponch pick up at the start of Season 6?
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Who does Jodi the jewelry store robber blame for her crime in a Season 6 episode?
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What is the name of the creepy comic book in the episode "Things That Go Creep in the Night?"
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Why is Ponch forced to coach the Explorer Scouts basketball team in Season 6?
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The "CHiPs" theme song was a hit in this country.
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Which actor from the show became a real-life cop after "CHiPs" wrapped?
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Estrada and Wilcox butted heads off-screen.
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Erik Estrada performed his own stunts on the show.
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What year did the series finally get a movie sequel?
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Which cop was severely injured in "CHiPs 1999?"
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What were the thieves in "CHiPs 1999" after?
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Who nabbed the role of Jon Baker in the 2017 "CHiPs" movie remake?
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What was the theme of the planned "CHiPs" spinoff?
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