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During this quiz, we don't want you to be the same. In fact, we never want you to be the same, but you'll have to think in opposites to make your way through all 30 sentences. When you see the word we have left blank, reread the sentence and choose the antonym that correctly completes it. 

Choosing antonyms is slightly more challenging because you have to think in terms of things being different. Although we have complete faith in you, we have thrown in a few extra challenging words just to see how you will do. It's not every day that you need to think of 20 antonyms in a row, but we know you can do it. 

As you read each sentence, try to pick up on the word that we want you to play off of. It should be obvious, but it won't be ______. If you get stuck, we have provided you with a hint, and there is absolutely no shame in using it. 

How many antonyms can you get right out of 30? Once you've finished, make sure to hail your victory by sharing with your friends. Will you do as well as you think you will, or will you suffer ______?

You might be bold, but you are never ______.

Your boldness does not allow you to be timid, If you were timid, you would be shy, fearful, and lacking in courage. When you are bold, you fear nothing.


When the weather is dreary, it is not _______.

If the cold, rainy, and dreary weather is getting to you, remind yourself that more pleasant days are just around the corner. The weather gets less dismal as the year goes on.


To get to the apex, you must start at the ______.

In order to get the top, or the apex of the mountain, you must first start at the base. If you were starting at the pinnacle, your helicopter most likely began the flight at the bottom of the mountain.


Jello shots are not rigid, they are ______.

You would not want to try a Jello shot if it were as rigid and as solid as an ice cube. Part of the treat's appeal is that is is pliant and flexible.


Everyone has a friend who is less than harmonious. Instead, they are ________.

Some people just like to disagree. If your friend is not behaving harmoniously, they are being unfriendly, disagreeable, and hostile.


Instead of being nonchalant about your quiz answers, you should be _____.

When you are nonchalant about something, even quiz answers, you are detached and unconcerned. Being nonchalant means you are seemingly lackadaisical about the outcome.


When the answers are not hazy, they are _______.

If you are feeling hazy about your decision, take a moment until it become distinct in your mind. When things are not hazy, they are clear.


Computers are far from infallible. They are often ______.

Although it may seem like computers are infallible and will last forever, they often become imperfect with age. Whether it's a hard drive failure or a program that refuses to load, computers are not without their flaws.


Betty White is quite vivacious, but she is never _____.

Despite her age, Betty White is more vivacious than ever before. She only seems to be dispirited in her animal campaign commercials.


Despite the attempts by her boss to make her more brazen, Sarah preferred to be _____.

Because of Sarah's great work, her boss wanted her to be brazen and unashamed when telling others. However, being modest and humble is more Sarah's style.


Instead of striving to be mediocre, you should want to be ______.

You will never show others your best with mediocre and ordinary actions. Be exceptional, and show them what you are made of!


Jacob felt like he was on unstable ground, so he moved somewhere more ______.

Jacob felt that his career was unstable. In an effort to avoid being in a precarious position, he decided to change to a career that was more certain.


Linda did not appreciate Kerri's flippant answer. She preferred something more ______.

When Kerri responded to Linda's question, she was flippant. Linda would have preferred a more respectful answer.


The sky's ominous appearance did not look ______.

When the clouds in the sky look ominous, they are not predicting a sunny day. The weather for the picnic is not looking hopeful.


Kevin's beard was unkempt. It was not at all ______.

Kevin had been living like an unkempt savage in the middle of the woods. These days, he tries to lead a cleaner and tidier life in the city.


All act of kindness are honorable. They are not _____.

Every act of kindness is honorable and sincere. When an act of kindness is committed, it is never unjust or corrupt. It is done with purity and honor.


Cardinal rules are not _______.

Cardinal rules are the kind of fundamental rules that make all other rules look small and inferior. If you obey the cardinal laws, the rest should be easy.


Dogs are your companions, but they are never your ______.

Dogs really are man's best friends and companions. We have never met a dog we would consider and enemy or a foe.


You must be grateful for your gifts. Too many people are ______.

When you are graced with a gift, you must be grateful and beholden to the giver. If you behave in an unappreciative manner, Santa will take you off his list.


Charity had a distant look in her eyes that did not seem ______.

Charity's distant and cold look did not seem very friendly. As a result, her friends became more and more remote.


Babies have an angelic quality about them. They are never ______.

There is nothing more angelic than a newborn baby. Babies have a radiant and celestial quality about them. We hope they don't grow up to be wicked.


After having the flu, Milo was quite pale. His cheeks were not _____.

Poor Milo looked pale and faded after having the flu. It took quite a while for his cheeks to become flushed and colorful again.


The cast was grateful the play was not a flop, and happy it was a ______.

The cast of any play is happy to hear that the show was not a flop or a fiasco. Every cast hopes to hear a critic call a show a triumph.


Seeing her favorite actor made Katie swoon, but she really wanted to ______.

When Katie met her favorite actor, she was hoping to rise and make him notice her. Instead, she swooned so quickly, she never got the chance.


The regal bald eagle is never seen as _______.

The majestic and regal bald eagle is never viewed as common. Once endangered, their numbers are now climbing. But seeing one is still quite rare.


My boss is very adamant about the rules, but I wish she was ______.

Although my boss has moments of being a soft person, she is mostly adamant and uncompromising about the rules. Everyone in the office wishes she were more lenient.


When Maria's brother admonished her for breaking the rules, she did not feel ______.

When Maria's brother admonished her for breaking the rules, he was very harsh. She did not feel at all flattered by his criticism.


When someone is chaste, they are certainly not ______.

Those who are chaste present themselves with an unblemished purity. They do not present themselves as wanton or lustful.


Rather than being approachable, some stars prefer to be more _____.

Many celebrities thrive on being approachable and friendly. Others prefer to be more obscure and distant from the crowds.


Despite the spurious claims, the facts proved to be _______.

When someone is spreading spurious rumors, they are spreading false information. Don't be a phony! Always make sure you learn the facts and find out what's genuine for yourself.


Julio did not want his report to be erroneous; instead, he wanted it to be _______.

Like Julio, you should never turn in an erroneous or spurious report. You should make sure all of your work is accurate and valid.


The company's idea did not receive an enthusiastic response. Instead, the response was ________.

The company's idea was not received with a warm and enthusiastic response. Instead, the investors were tepid and lukewarm.


Everyone hopes to have a reliable internet connection, and not a connection that is ______.

Unless you are living in a cave, you most likely have a reliable internet connection. An unreliable or intermittent connection will not get the job done these days.


She spoke her mind with blatant disregard and didn't keep anything ______.

Speaking her mind in a blatant manner means that she did not leave anything secret or hidden. Instead, she unconcealed her thoughts.


Einstein was not a dunce. He was a ______.

Although Einstein was a little awkward, he was not a dunce. In fact, he was one of the greatest geniuses of all time.


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