Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Guess If You're Single or Taken

Zoe Samuel

How does Micky Mouse make you feel?

What's your opinion of Minnie Mouse?

Are you goofy for Goofy?

Are you down with Donald Duck's beret?

Do you even know who Daisy Duck is?

Would you go to outer space for Pluto?

Do you have generous feelings toward Scrooge McDuck?

Do you like Launchpad McQuack's lantern bill?

Do you cry when you watch Bambi?

Did you get the irony of Flower's name when you were a child?

Do you have warmer feelings for Tinker Bell or Peter Pan?

Who do you prefer, the Mad Hatter or the March Hare?

Do you like Cheshire Cat more or less, now that you're older?

Who was your favorite of the Seven Dwarfs?

Is Prince Charming edgy enough for you?

Who was a better villain: the Evil Queen or her later incarnation as Maleficent?

Who is more royal, Maid Marian or Duchess?

Who wore it better, Cruella de Vil or Tigger?

Who would you trust more in their new job - Mulan or Taran?

Who is your homegirl: Jasmine or Esmeralda?

Can you let Elsa go?

How do you feel about Ariel?

How do you feel about Tiana?

Is Ursula your spirit animal?

Does Woody always somehow manage to make you cry?

Do you get down with Gaston?

Is Cinderella the star of your Cinderella story?

Do you have fond memories of Jiminy Cricket?

Who looks better before Labor Day: Olaf or Buzz Lightyear?

Who is a better father figure: Mufasa or Fa Zhou?

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Image: Walt Disney Studios

About This Quiz

Going back to World War II, there has been a strong and well-documented relationship between favorite Disney characters and relationship status. As a movie studio, Disney deals with fairy tales and fantasy, and much of that is devoted to the birth and maintenance of relationships.

In Disney films, especially the early ones, stories revolved around a budding relationship or pining for a lost love, or waiting for true love to show up in order to end a curse. In these early films, love is most often challenged by characters who may have missed out on love themselves, or perhaps lost the thing that made them lovable. This simple way of seeing relationships became more nuanced as time went by, giving birth to the more complex stories of Disney's Pixar Studios, whose protagonists often move from one type of relationship to several others by the end of the film, landing on love in the end. In these cases, the antagonists are as wounded and complex as the story itself.

Our relationships to these characters are borne of our childhood, when we watched and loved Disney characters without the context of adulthood. Our relationships are then colored by our exposure to Disney as adults, perhaps seeing old films for the first time, revisiting the classics we loved as children, and seeing new Disney films for the first time. We define our world by this mythology, and it colors how we see everything, especially our relationships.

Tell us how you feel about Disney's cast, from the classic to the contemporary, and we will tell you if you are single, taken, or somewhere in between.

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