Quiz: Choose the Foreign Word That Completes the Sentence
Choose the Foreign Word That Completes the Sentence
By: Allison Lips
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About This Quiz

English is a mutt. Native English speakers borrow words from other languages without thinking twice about where the words originally came from. Occasionally, we don't even realize that we're not using an English word to describe something!

While prescriptivist linguists will defend the purity of the English langue and disapprove of our rampant usage of foreign words, the reality is that English speakers enjoy the variety. As James Nicoll explained on Usenet in the early 1990s, "We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle through their pockets for new vocabulary."

Obviously, English does not literally chase down other languages for words. Its speakers naturally introduce new words to their vocabulary as necessary. How else would we describe sushi, espresso, or tacos without borrowing the words from their languages of origin? For the record, the languages in question are Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

Food isn't the only subject we adopt foreign words for. Sometimes we describe someone as having "savoir-faire" or "chutzpah," which are taken from French and Yiddish respectively. Other times, we have fun with friends and say "adios" or "bon voyage" to wish them well until next time.

Since you use foreign words all the time, test your knowledge of loanwords! Can you identify the words that correctly complete the following sentences?

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Even though I haven't been here before, I am experiencing __________ because this place seems so familiar.
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It takes a lot of __________ for a student to tell the teacher he's completely wrong.
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Whenever someone falls, there is a certain feeling of ____________ because it wasn’t you.
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He was given _________ to do whatever he wants.
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My grandparents went on a cruise, so I waved ___________ as the ship left the dock.
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My uncle's barber shop quartet sings __________.
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I enjoy eating ______________ to take advantage of the nice weather.
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In the Mario Brothers games, Wario is Mario's _____________.
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Sarah's feeling naughty because every sentence she says is a ___________.
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When a cake has a certain ____________, some say the secret ingredient to baking is love.
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After Uncle Bob had an argument with my dad, he’s ________________ in our house.
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Our German teacher says we are ______________ from sharing answers to the test with the next class.
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In the 60s, the Summer of Love captured the _______________.
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He loves cigars, so he could be considered a cigar ______________.
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The ______________ live in the McMansions on the other side of town and drive luxury cars.
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Let’s ________________ at the bar after work.
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Instead of saying bless you, my German friend said ___________.
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If you’re looking for a promotion, you may have to ____________ your superiors.
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My grandmother says her neighbor is such a ___________ because he always helps with her groceries.
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My sister loves designer clothes because they make her feel ____________.
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In history class, the teacher was talking about the German bombings over London, which were called a _____________.
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After the office potluck, I was stuffed because it was a _________________ of homemade dishes.
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Over the last few years, _____________, a Japanese dish with raw fish, has become popular.
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If you go to the end of the ________________, you’ll find my house on the right.
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Yesterday, Matt went completely ______________ on the dance floor at the wild party.
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After a week-long vacation, he was sad to say ____________ to Spain.
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I know you think you have a great idea, but ________________ because the boss is never going to agree to it.
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It’s a cliché, but movies set in France always seem to have a boy riding a bicycle delivering a ______________ for breakfast.
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Grandma has a collection of porcelain figurines and other assorted __________.
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The millionaire insists on calling his _________________ because he hates to drive.
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High school was miserable for me because I never found a _________________ where I belonged.
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Eventually, Larry will crack and reveal what is underneath that ________________.
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Uma Thurman plays a _____________ in "Kill Bill."
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Instead of having a Sweet Sixteen, a South American teenage girl may have a ______________.
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When it rains, you may keep your clothes dry with a ________________.
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