Quiz: Choose Some Spirit Animals and We'll Guess Your Magical Power
Choose Some Spirit Animals and We'll Guess Your Magical Power
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

In many cultures, spirit animals are meant to guide us through life. They serve to protect us and can even bless us with magical powers, which is why we're here today. We want to find out which magical power you'll be given, based on your tastes in spirit animals. 

We're going to ask you about your taste in domestic, wild, mythical and just about every other kind of spirit animal in existence in order to do this. And by the end of the quiz, we'll be able to tell you which ability you should possess. 

Should you be given the power over time, kind of like Dr. Strange? Can you be trusted with the power over all four elements, like an Avatar? Will you be making things grow or setting off volcanoes?  Or should you be given the ability to shapeshift and impersonate both people and animals (like a mix between Beast Boy and Mystique)? Or should you be blessed with psionic powers? To make things short, your power would rival Professor X's. 

If you're really curious to find out which of these magical powers your favorite spirit animals will give you, take this quiz. But will you use those powers for good or for evil? 

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