Quiz: Choose the Correct Synonym to Complete This Sentence
Choose the Correct Synonym to Complete This Sentence
By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

While it's quite clear you have a love for words, have you ever wondered how many synonyms you can come up with? During this quiz, you'll get the chance to prove your vocabulary. Then, you'll have the proof to back up everything you are always telling your friends and coworkers. 

As we spell our way through these sentences, we are going to leave one word blank. By reading the sentence, you should be able to determine which synonym you need to choose to complete the sentence. We haven't made thing so difficult that it will be impossible to impress yourself, but we haven't made it so easy you'll feel like you got a trophy just for showing up. We aim to challenge your knowledge of synonyms, and we will enjoy seeing how far you can take it. 

After you read the sentence we have presented, take a moment to reflect on the word we might be looking for you to choose. We've offered a few clues and a lot of hints, but we are relying on your brain to make you proud.

Choose the synonyms that complete the sentences, and you'll know how much of a world champion word lover you are!

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Sunshine makes everything seem vivid and ______.
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Everyone in your office knows that you are valiant and _______.
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Red roses are fragrant and ________.
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When older siblings overshadow them, younger sibling often feel ________.
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We really hope your ideas at the meeting stick and ______.
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It's always great to find volunteers that are willing and ______.
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We should live lives that are both motivating and _______.
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There is no detail a nosy friend cannot find or _______.
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The Empire State building is huge and ______.
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New Year's Eve parties at fancy hotels are always ritzy and ______.
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Everyone knows that you are agreeable and _____.
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When coworkers warm up fish in the microwave, it is smelly and ______.
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Bed and breakfast owners are very accommodating and ______.
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Some comedians are raw and ______.
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Unfortunately, many people feel that their bosses are callous and ______.
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If you don't want to do something, you would refuse and ______.
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When it comes to laws, you must comply and ______.
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We hope your next year will be fruitful and ______.
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Everyone has a relative who is a little insane and _____.
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Many buildings in the city have been vacated and ______.
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Professional boxers like to fight and _______.
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When you see your best friend eating donuts, you know the situation is serious and _______.
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A lot of people love horror films that are morbid and _______.
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You have to be careful on the internet. Many sites are salacious and ______.
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Your opponents need to be challenged and ______.
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There's never a reason to look at someone with disgust and _______.
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We look at our leaders with reverence and ______.
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Are you the person in your family who dawdles and _______?
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It's refreshing to meet people who are nice and ______.
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When you were a kid, you probably made a couple of decisions that were foolish and ______.
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Many entrepreneurs are industrious and ______.
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Getting a smaller piece of pie than everyone else is unfair and ______.
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A talent like Beyonce's is rare and ______.
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Actors and actresses are known for their celebrity and their ______.
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The best kind of cookies are gooey and ______.
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