Choose Between These Rom-Coms and We'll Guess If You're Single or Taken

Khadija Leon

Which of these classics is your ultimate favorite?

Which of these rom-coms would you rather watch?

Which of these Tom Hanks romantic comedies do you like best?

Which of these international rom-coms do you own on DVD?

How do you feel when watching a romantic comedy?

How often do you find yourself watching these movies?

Who is your favorite romantic-comedy duo?

Which of these movies about love triangles did you relate to?

How many of the Bridget Jones movies have you seen?

Who is your rom-com queen?

Which of these R-rated rom-coms would you watch with a significant other?

Which of these 1980s rom-coms do you wish that you have seen?

Which of these high school themed romantic comedy films have you seen?

Which of these 2000-themed movies is your favorite?

Which of these cross-story movies would you like to watch this weekend?

Which of these city themed rom-coms was your favorite to watch?

Which Julia Roberts rom-com is on your to-watch list?

Which of these movies would you watch when you are feeling down?

Which of these movies would you watch on Valentine's Day?

Which Christmas-themed movie do you watch every holiday season?

Which of these underseen movies have you seen?

Lastly, which of these indie rom coms would you watch over the weekend?

Which of these musical-themed romantic comedies would you pay to see?

Which of these wedding-themed rom-coms would inspire yours?

Which of these numbered rom-coms is your number 1?

Which Drew Barrymore movies needs a sequel?

Which of these characters do you relate to?

Which of these is your favorite rom-com song?

Which of these quotes do you remember the most?

Your favorite rom-com has inspired you to travel to which of these countries?

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About This Quiz

Romantic comedies (or rom-coms) are a genre of film that combines romance and comedy into a light-hearted yet funny story centered around love, romance, and relationships. defines it as a light and humorous movie or play whose central plot is a happy love story. 

Most of them follow the same framework: two lovers who seem to be perfect for each other, but for some reason or another are prevented from being together until the all of the obstacles and outside interference no longer become an issue. Others integrate multiple storylines that further add to the complication of the main casts situations. 

Many people enjoy watching these movies, not only for the love story but also because of the relatability and the laugh out loud moments. There are those of us who look forward to these kinds of movies, hoping that they live up to the hype while being different from the ones that have already been released. 

What does your taste in romantic comedies say about your love life? Will it be able to allude to the type of relationship that you are in or will it completely miss the mark? The only way to find out is to take this quiz!

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