Quiz: Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Tell You What Fashion Era You're From!
Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Tell You What Fashion Era You're From!
By: Khadija L.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Early fashion was developed based on the need for creating clothing that was both culturally and climate appropriate as well as the availability of resources. In a sense, they were created solely as to comfortably cover one's self, rather than for aesthetic purposes. As the years have passed, however, visual appeal became much more important, and people willingly gave up comfort for beauty. 

Many different things have influenced fashion, and it continues to evolve with each coming year. What makes each era unique is the types of fabric and materials used, the styling and the overall feel of the outfit.

Much of the fashion that we have seen today can be traced back to fashion seen in prior decades but ones that have been given new life. Even the characters that appear in our favorite Disney movies have taken inspiration from different subcultures and past trends.

What do your favorite Disney characters say about your sense of style and the fashion era that you belong to? Will you be from the Victorian era, the Roaring' 20s, the age of creativity or a different one? Well, if you would like to find out, then you can do so by taking this quiz!

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