Quiz: Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Tell You When You'll Get Married!
Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Tell You When You'll Get Married!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Your favorite Disney characters reveal a lot, whether you know it or not. They can tell us just how romantic you are, whether you're a cynic or not, and if you'd rather go out and have a good time (right now) or stay in and cuddle with your boo. We want to find out about your favorite characters so they can answer this question for us: just when will you get married?

Now, we understand if you're a bit skeptical. I mean, who wouldn't be? But this can work, and we'll show you how. All you need to do is tell us whether you think Moana ruled or whether she needs a prince (or princess) to slow her down. Whether Rapunzel did the right thing by being with a reformed thief or whether it was a mistake that'll bite her in the you-know-where. Whether Cinderella deserved to marry a prince or if she had it easy or whether Ariel should've asked Eric to live under the sea with her instead of her going to live on land with him.

Tell us about your favorite characters and some of the choices they made and we'll tell you when you'll commit yourself (legally and otherwise) to another person. 

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