Quiz: The Ultimate Choosing the Right Carpet Fiber Quiz
The Ultimate Choosing the Right Carpet Fiber Quiz
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Want to increase the value of your house? Install carpets! But there are so many fiber types to choose from: wool, polyester, nylon acrylic -- where to start? Take our quiz and get the lowdown on the advantages and disadvantages of the materials on the market.

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What percentage of the cost of a carpet does the fiber account for?
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How many factors are there to take into consideration when choosing which carpet fiber you want?
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Which dying method is of higher quality?
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From which material are two-thirds of the carpets in the U.S. made from?
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When was nylon invented?
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Which type of nylon is better quality?
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From what material are the brand name carpets Tactesse, Durasoft and Anso Caress?
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What voltage of static electricity can nylon carpeting generate?
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What are some nylon carpet brand names?
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What is another name for olefin carpeting?
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What is olefin carpet best used for?
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What is a major disadvantage of olefin carpet?
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What can polyester fibers me made from?
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What is the downside of polyester?
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What percentage of the U.S. market does wool make up?
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From which country does the finest wool originate?
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What is wool a popular choice for?
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What is acrylic made from?
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What material is acrylic meant to imitate?
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