Quiz: Do you know how to Properly Select Carpet?


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How many different criteria should you take into consideration when purchasing a new carpet?

There are four key criteria to evaluate when purchasing a new carpet: style, comfort, durability and cost.


If you want your furniture, artwork or walls to be the focus of the room, what color carpeting is best?

Neutral shades of carpet are best when you want the attention on your furnishings and not the floors. To add pizzazz to a plain room, use a bold color or printed carpet.


What does a carpet's pile refer to?

A carpet's pile refers to the height of its fibers. Shaggily cut or twisted fibers give a contemporary and casual look, while evenly cut fibers lend an air of formality.


What is an example of a loop pile cut?

Berber is an example of a loop pile cut. Fibers are looped and then attached to the carpet backing, creating a stiff and even texture.


What is the name of the style when fibers are looped and then cut?

When fibers are looped and then cut, it is called cut pile carpet. Examples include Saxony, frieze and plush.


Which pile style is the most durable?

Loop pile is the most durable; it does not have open ends, so it is less likely to unravel or get caught on things.


Which carpet type is the softest?

Plush is the softest of all carpet styles. In general, cut pile carpets are softer than loop pile carpets.


What is the softest fiber?

Wool is the softest fiber but also the most expensive. Go for nylon or polyester as a soft but cheaper alternative.


Which of the following fabrics best resists wear and tear?

Olefin, wool and nylon resist wear and tear better than acrylic and polyester.


What is the purpose of carpet padding?

Carpet padding, installed underneath the carpet, insulates the room better, enhances the durability of the carpet and provides extra cushioning.


What is the major advantage of carpet tiles?

The major advantage of square carpet tiles is that, when stained or damaged, individual tiles can be replaced instead of a whole carpet.


How much does carpet cost?

Carpet costs vary widely, anywhere from $4 to $33 per square yard. This means it could cost you as little as $70 and as much as $500 to carpet a small room.


What size carpet sample should you take home?

Get the largest carpet sample you can. Examine how it looks next to your walls, furniture and in natural and artificial light.


What is a good way to cut costs when installing carpets?

Installing carpet yourself and skipping the padding are not good ideas. Be sure to do a lot of comparison shopping, and ask for itemized quotes from several retailers so you know exactly what you're getting.


What causes that distinctive "new carpet smell?"

"New carpet smell" is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, emitted by nonorganic carpets.


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