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A large, inanimate object is imbued with a thirst for blood in this Stephen King novel. How much do you know about "Christine?"

What make is the car in "Christine?"

It is a Plymouth Fury, a rather appropriate name given the storyline


How does the car named Christine begin hurting other people?

It comes to life thanks to a malevolent spirit.


What's the name of the town in which the story is set?

The car is undoubtedly connected to some unsolved murders in this cursed town.


What kind of car does Buddy Repperton drive?

He enjoys beating and bullying people all over town.


In what year was "Christine" published?

It is easily one of King's most recognizable and ominous works of fiction.


In which year was the film adaptation released?

That's right, the film was released the same year as the book.


What happens the first moment that Arnie sits in the car?

The car's spirit immediately takes hold of him, in spite of his initial uneasiness.


How much does Arnie pay for Christine?

The car is dilapidated when he buys it, but little by little Arnie makes it look much better.


What sarcastic phrase does Buddy Repperton constantly repeat?

He draws out the word "excuse," making it abundantly clear that he has no respect for anyone else.


Why does Buddy Repperton get expelled from school?

Buddy is a violent and unstable personality that causes much conflict in the story.


Who directed the film version of the story?

Carpenter, of course, is known for "Halloween" and "The Thing."


After Buddy is expelled from school, how does he take revenge on Arnie?

It is a transgression that Christine never forgets.


What is the name of Arnie's girlfriend, who becomes terrified of the car?

Her relationship with Arnie declines as the car becomes more and more aggressive.


What business does Will Darnell own?

It's at this shop that Arnie begins the work of restoring Christine.


How does the first owner's small daughter die in the car?

The car's menacing presence causes harm to everyone around it.


As he restores Christine, what happens to Arnie's vision?

He no longer has to wear glasses, making him less nerdy and more menacing.


To try and keep his son from using the car, what does Arnie's father do?

But Arnie works around this difficulty by leaving the car at a garage instead.


The car is possessed by a spirit of which person?

Lebay's corrosive spirit seems to be the fuel that drive's Christine's supernatural state.


Which character hurts Arnie so badly that he misses school?

Roger eventually winds up in prison on a hijacking charge.


How does Arnie manage to kill several members of Buddy's gang?

But the car does; Christine preys on the gang and murders them, one by one.


How do Dennis and Leigh manage to destroy Christine?

They ram her with a truck, and then crush the remains.


After getting the inspiration for the story, how long did it take King to begin writing it?

He started writing the book the following day, thinking it would probably just be a short story.


In the movie, which actor plays Arnie?

John Stockwell plays Dennis, who becomes a main protagonist.


How does Arnie's father die?

Between poison gas and high speed collisions, Christine has plenty of deadly weapons at her disposal.


From what health problem do both Arnie and Roland suffer?

Arnie winds up wearing a back brace just like Roland, an ominous sign indeed.


As chaos unfolds, Dennis and Leigh immediately become suspicious of whom?

They sense that the car is the problem, not Arnie.


At the end of the book, which character suspects that Christine may be stalking survivors of the carnage that ensued many years before?

He thinks that maybe Christine's spirit is going to try and hunt him down.


What's the name painted on the truck that Dennis and Leigh use to crush Christine?

The truck is also bright pink, a cheerful color for the forces of good.


How does Arnie die?

It becomes obvious later that Christine's evil spirit caused the accident that kills Arnie and his mother.


In the book, what's the name of the last of Buddy Repperton's gang to die?

It is suspected that somehow Christine's spirit came back and killed one final time.


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