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Kids and adults simply love amusement park rides. Take this quiz to learn more about the variety of fun and challenges offered by 10 classic amusement park rides.

What is another name for the carousel?

The merry-go-round is the less elegant sounding name for carousel.

When did the carousel originate?

The carousel dates back to 500 A.D.

Which ride incorporates centrifugal force?

The Rotor has people sticking to the walls.

Who designed the Rotor?

Ernst Hoffmeister designed the Rotor in the 1940s.

Which is one of the most popular Disney World attractions, ever?

The Haunted Mansion has visitors screaming because they are having so much fun.

Who starred in "The Haunted Mansion" movie?

Eddie Murphy starred in the movie, released in 2003.

What Disney World ride is a log ride?

Disney's Splash Mountain is a log ride.

Which park opened the first log ride, called the El Aserradero?

The El Aserradero was opened in 1963 at Six Flags Over Texas.

Some say this attraction is simplistic and naïve, but you won’t forget the theme song. What ride is this?

It's a Small World is a favorite of many, although it's lacking in thrills.

What material is used for the floor of the bumper car ride?

The bumper car ride uses graphite flooring, which decreases the friction.

What do real cars have that bumper cars do not?

Bumper cars have no brakes, but they do have giant bumpers.

What ride has three arms and is really, really fast?

The Scrambler has three fast, twirling arms.

To get your thrills on the Insanity, you will have to go where?

The Insanity is located in Las Vegas on the top of the Stratosphere Hotel Tower.

How far above ground is the Insanity?

The Insanity is the second highest thrill ride at 906 feet above the ground.

Who came up with the idea for the first Ferris wheel?

George Ferris had the idea, and also built the first Ferris wheel in Chicago.

How much did the first Ferris wheel cost to build?

In 1893, the first Ferris wheel cost $380,000 to build.

How tall was the first Ferris wheel?

The first Ferris wheel was 264 feet tall with a diameter of 250 feet.

Where did Herbert Sellner construct his very first Tilt-A-Whirl?

The first Tilt-A-Whirl was constructed in Sellner's backyard.

How many Tilt-A-Wheels has the Sellner Manufacturing Company built since the first one?

The Sellner Manufacturing Company has build more than 1,000 Tilt-A-Wheels since that first one in Mr. Sellner's backyard.

How many cars are attached to the Tilt-A-Wheel?

There are seven cars attached to the Tilt-A-Wheel.

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