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Do you really know everything about Hollywood's scariest monsters? Take our classic movie monster quiz and find out!

In 1932, Boris Karloff played which kind of monster?

His role as "The Mummy" begins as a team of explorers unearths the mummified remains of an Egyptian priest named Imhotep.


In what year did the original "Godzilla" movie hit theaters?

In 1954, the atomic bombings of Japan in World War II were still very much a part of world culture. Japanese filmmakers used the attacks as inspiration for Godzilla.


Who was the star of 1941's "The Wolf Man"?

Lon Chaney, Jr. was so popular in his role as the werewolf that he played the character in four sequels.


How does the werewolf finally die at the end of "The Wolf Man"?

His own father beats him to death with a walking stick -- a silver walking stick that happens to have the power to kill a supernatural creature.


How many times has "King Kong" been remade for the big screen?

The 1933 classic has been remade twice, once in 1976 and once in 2005.


In the original "King Kong," where does the monster come from?

A film crew looking for fame manages to capture Kong on Skull Island and then makes a critical error in deciding to transport the creature to New York City.


In what year was the original "Frankenstein" movie released to theaters?

Released in 1931, the film is based on the novel of the same name and features a scientist who fabricates a monster from parts of dead bodies.


What does the monster in "Frankenstein" do that caused a public relations uproar?

In one unforgettable scene, the monster throws a girl into a lake, resulting in her death. Censors originally wanted to cut out dozens of scenes that ultimately survived the editing process.


What monster does Jeff Goldblum play in a 1986 movie?

In "The Fly," Goldblum plays the title character. The fly is both horrific and disgusting but winds up earning sympathy, too.


What is the setting for "The Thing"?

The claustrophobic setting of 1982's "The Thing" is heightened by the fact that it takes place in the frigid, windswept desert of Antarctica. Frantic human survivors have nowhere to run.


"Nosferatu" originated from which country?

This 1922 film came from Germany. Many copies were destroyed when Bram Stoker's family (of "Dracula" fame) sued the makers of "Nosferatu."


What type of monster is Nosferatu?

Nosferatu is a vampire who goes by the name of Count Orlock. His bald head and creepy long fingers made him an unforgettably terrifying character.


How does the vampire die at the end of "Nosferatu"?

As he attacks an innocent woman, a beam of sunlight strikes him, turning him into smoke. Sadly, the woman dies, too.


What is the terrifying monster that scares people in "The Trollenberg Terror"?

The big eyeball also has tentacles, all the better to create a feeling of horror.


In 1931, what kind of monster did actor Bela Lugosi portray?

Lugosi was Dracula, the king of vampires. It was inspired partly by the 1897 novel written by Bram Stoker.


How does Dracula die at the end of the 1931 film?

The hero named Van Helsing drives a wooden stake through the monster's heart, ending his reign of terror.


When it was first released in the U.S., what was the original name of 1956's "Rodan"?

"Rodan! The Flying Monster!" was all about a huge dragon-like creature that lays waste to Japanese cities. The "giant-monster" trend was well-established in Japan and several of the films made it big in the U.S., too.


The creator of "King Kong" wanted the gorilla to look how big?

He really wanted Kong to seem to be 50 feet tall, but in some scenes he's not even half that tall, thanks to the scale of the models used for filming.


In 1931's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," how does the doctor turn into the evil Hyde?

A magic potion begins the transformation, and as Mr. Hyde, the doctor can follow all of his most evil impulses.


What are the monsters in 1954's "Them!"?

Thanks to atomic tests gone awry, huge ants begin what seems to be an unstoppable attack on civilization. Fortunately, people have flamethrowers.


How does the mad doctor kill people in "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"?

He manipulates a sleepwalking man to kill his unsuspecting victims. The film was meant to portray the mindlessness of the German populace following World War I.


What kind of creature was "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms"?

An atomic bomb thaws a huge dinosaur called a Rhedosaurus, which then rampages through New York City.


How does the military finally stop the Rhedosaurus in "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms"?

A sharpshooter rides to the top of a roller coaster, takes aim, and then blasts a radioactive grenade at the bad-tempered monster.


True or False: 1954's "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" was originally shot in 3-D.

This classic movie really was filmed and screened in 3-D. The story follows a research team that finds a set of weird bones in the Amazon.


What sort of monsters are on the loose in 1972's "Night of the Lepus"?

Scientists inject rabbits with a special hormone with the intent of stopping them from breeding. What they wind up with is a bunch of killer bunnies dead-set on revenge.


When was "The Toxic Avenger" released?

The 1984 film was basically ignored by critics and audiences alike, but eventually it became a cult sensation thanks to popular midnight screenings.


What is the name of the monster in "The Creature from the Black Lagoon"?

The bizarre Gill-man can attack people both on land and in the water, making it a dual-threat beast. The team eventually kills the monster with a hail of gunfire.


In the 1958 movie, what is "The Blob" made from?

A meteorite loaded with an alien type of amoeba lands in the countryside and begins infecting humans. Every time it claims a victim, the Blob gets larger and larger.


How do the heroes finally stop the Blob at the end of the movie?

They freeze it and then drop it into an Arctic area, where it will remain harmless forever. When the movie was made in 1958, global warming clearly wasn't a concern.


What is the monster in "The Stuff"?

In 1985, "The Stuff" highlighted the idea of rampant consumerism and artificial junk foods. The "stuff" was a weird white dessert that people couldn't stop eating, thanks to a parasite that invaded their brains and turned them into zombies.


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