Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Fine Metals with Lemon Juice Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Fine Metals with Lemon Juice Quiz
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You probably don't use your fine metals too often and, when you take them out for special occasions, you want them to look clean and shiny. The problem is that metals become tarnished after sitting unused for a while. Take this quiz to see how lemon juice can help you keep your metals looking in pristine condition.

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What type of silver is silverware and silver jewelry usually made from?
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To clean your sterling silver, mix lemon juice, ______ and water together and soak the silver in them.
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How long should you soak your silver in the lemon juice mix for?
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If you don't have time to soak your silver, how can you do a quick silver polish?
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What is the trick for cleaning brass or copper objects?
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Where are brass and copper found in the house?
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What happens to copper and brass when they tarnish?
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What is mixed with lemon juice to clean brass or copper?
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Another cleaning paste for copper or brass includes lemon juice, salt and yellow cornmeal. How does this mixture work?
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