Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Furniture with Household Items Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Furniture with Household Items Quiz
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Show your favorite furniture pieces some tender loving care by using these five household cleaning items. You may be surprised by what mayonnaise can do. Take this quiz to find out.

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What makes a great salad dressing and a great furniture polish?
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When polishing unpainted wood furniture, how much olive oil should you use?
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To polish unpainted wood furniture, how should you apply the olive oil?
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If you don't have olive oil, what other household product may you use to polish wood furniture?
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Before applying to wood, what should you do with the shoe polish?
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To polish wood surfaces, how should you apply shoe polish?
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What color shoe polish should you use to polish wood?
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Other than polishing the wood, how else may shoe polish improve the appearance of your wood furniture pieces?
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What may happen if you forget to use a coaster under a water glass?
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What delicious condiment may remove water marks from wood?
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How do you apply mayonnaise to water marks?
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How long should you leave mayonnaise on water marks?
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What may prevent water marks on wooden surfaces?
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What is great both for feet and polishing furniture?
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Why is a sock better for polishing wood than an old towel?
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What may be effective to wear both while washing dishes and for collecting pet hair from upholstered items and other soft furnishings?
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What should use do if rubber gloves irritate your skin?
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How do rubber gloves collect pet hair from soft furnishings?
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Why are rubber gloves used for household chores?
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Using household items to clean your furniture may save you:
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