Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Your House with Salt Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Your House with Salt Quiz
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Salt is one of those great chemicals that sits around underappreciated. You know you can use it to make your potatoes and gravy taste better, but did you know you can also use it to make plaster? Did you know you can use salt to clean a carpet? Take our quiz and discover the many ways in which you can use salt to help keep your home clean.

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To clean enamel you should make a paste consisting of salt and what else?
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A turpentine and salt paste should be allowed to sit on enamel for how long?
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Before using salt to clean a gravy stain, what should you do?
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The salt and rubbing alcohol formula you use to fight grease stains calls for how many parts salt to how many parts alcohol?
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When using a rubbing alcohol and salt mixture to remove grease stains from a carpet, which of these should you take care to do?
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After you've used salt to soak up a red-wine stain, what should you use to remove the rest of the stain?
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What should you use to dry wicker furniture?
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To remove water damage from wood, you should use which of these?
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Pewter-cleaning paste should be allowed to dry for how long?
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If you mix 2 tablespoons of salt, with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, and some water, what will you get?
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If you soak new candles in a saltwater solution, what will happen to them?
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If you throw a handful of salt into your lit fireplace, what will happen to the fire?
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To make a paste suitable for removing rust, mix salt and water with which of these condiments?
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If you don't have any cream of tartar, and you want to remove some rust from an item, what can you use instead?
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Water-softening salts are intended to remove which of these minerals?
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Which of these indicates that you have hard water?
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