Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Without Getting Dirty Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Without Getting Dirty Quiz
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Have you ever started out to clean just the top of your stove and ended up with all of its parts spread out on the kitchen floor while you gave it a thorough cleaning? While such cleaning nightmares are sometimes unavoidable, better planning will help keep your house in top shape without indulging in messy cleaning marathons. Take our quiz for some great tips.

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Microfiber cleaning cloths do not _____ dust when you clean.
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Small maintenance chores are usually less _____ than weekly cleaning.
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Which bathroom cleaning job can you accomplish while your kids play in the bathtub?
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Which common household spice can you use to make oven spills easier to clean?
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What's the easiest way to carry your cleaning products around the house?
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Never start a major cleaning project if you don't have the _____ to finish it.
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What do you usually find when you unscrew a ceiling light fixture to clean it?
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What's the best way to organize your light- and heavy-duty cleaning chores?
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Always wear _____ clothes when you clean.
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