Quiz: Clint Eastwood films: Go ahead, ace this quiz!
Clint Eastwood films: Go ahead, ace this quiz!
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

So are you "punk enough" to ace this Clint Eastwood quiz? As his famous gun-slinging character would reply, "Go ahead, make my day!"

Who doesn't know Clint Eastwood, the actor? Ever since he stepped in front of the small and silver screens decades ago, the world has never forgotten who he is. Starting in so-called spaghetti and then TV westerns, the man knows how to act out his gun-slinging, attitude-bearing heart out. Are you familiar with some of his early classic films from this genre? This quiz has them, for sure!

As he grew older, though, the gun-toting man became the quiet observer, and sometimes reluctant hero in some stories of his films. With age comes maturity, and Mr. Eastwood sure matured in a way that's admirable in Hollywood! Not only did he choose great films to act in, but he also stepped behind the camera to direct some of them. And as an actor with a great portfolio under his belt, he most definitely knew how to compose a shot, entice fellow actors, and bring a story to life on the silver screen. Indeed, some of his best work in his decades-long career are those that he both directed and starred in. Are you familiar with these screen gems? Yep, they're also included in this quiz of ours!

So go ahead, make your day by ticking off your Clint Eastwood filmography knowledge. We're sure you'll enjoy it. Have fun -- punk!

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