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He is one of the most prominent contemporary British horror writers, a man whose taste for gore and transgression brought us the likes of "Hellraiser" and "The Midnight Meat Train" — Clive Barker. How much do you know about his life and works?

In what city was Barker born?

Barker has the classic Liverpool Scouse accent.


What is the title of Barker's first short story collection?

"Books of Blood Volume 1" was released in 1984.


What is the title of Barker's first novel?

"The Damnation Game" is about a man who makes a deal with supernatural forces and pays the price.


What is the title of the novel that the movie "Hellraiser" is based on?

"The Hellbound Heart" was originally a novella but was rereleased as a stand-alone novel after the movie was successful.


Who directed the first "Hellraiser" movie?

Barker directed it himself after disliking film versions of his works that were made by other directors.


What is the title of the movie that Barker's novel "Cabal" was made into?

"Nightbreed," also directed by Barker, is a treat for fans of monster makeup and special effects.


In 2013, Barker revealed that when he was younger he supported himself for a time as a what?

Barker has been open about his sexuality virtually since the beginning of his career, but he didn't open up about his time as a "hustler" until much later.


Aside from film, what visual art is Barker heavily involved in?

Barker is an acclaimed painter and has created illustrations or cover art for many editions of his own books.


The puzzle boxes in the "Hellraiser" film series are collectively known as …

The design of the Lemarchand boxes was created by toy-maker Philip Lemarchand.


The particular Lemarchand box in "Hellraiser" is called what?

It is known as the Lament Configuration.


The character known as Pinhead actually has another name, given by Barker in "The Scarlet Gospels." What is his other name?

Pinhead is actually the Hell Priest (and doesn’t really like being called Pinhead).


What was the first of Barker's stories to be adapted into a movie?

Barker wrote the original screenplay for "Underworld" prior to "Rawhead Rex," but "Rawhead Rex" was the first movie based on one of his short stories. Though Barker found "Rawhead Rex" disappointing, it's developed a cult following.


In Barker's fantasy novel "Imajica," Earth is known as the Fifth …

In "Imajica," Earth is a Fifth Dominion and coexists with four other Dominions, which are like alternate dimensions.


Razorline was a line of a comic books published by Marvel that featured what kind of characters, created by Barker?

The four titles Razorline published were written by other people, but all featured superheroes created by Barker.


Barker's short story "The Forbidden" was adapted into what movie?

Barker also acted as producer for "Candyman."


"The Midnight Meat Train" is about a serial killer who commits his gory murders where?

The murders occur on a subway train that is diverted to an abandoned station.


"The Scarlet Gospels" prominently features the death of what character?

Barker discussed "The Scarlet Gospels," including the death of Pinhead, for years, while he was still writing it.


What is the title of Barker's novel about children who are lured to a fantasy house that grants them almost anything they want?

"The Thief of Always" is a dark fairy tale written to be enjoyable by children and adults.


What is Rawhead Rex's only weakness?

Rex is defeated by a pregnant woman, his only weakness.


How many total volumes are in the "Books of Blood" series?

Each of the six volumes contains between four and six stories.


What year was Clive Barker born?

Barker was born in 1952. Some of his fiction seems influenced by his childhood in postwar England and fascination with World War II.


"The Books of Abarat" series is aimed at what audience?

"The Books of Abarat" is Barker's young adult fantasy series.


What role did Barker take on in the production of the video game "Clive Barker's Undying"?

Barker voiced the character Ambrose Covenant.


"Tortured Souls" is a line of what?

Barker designed creatures depicted in the "Tortured Souls" line of action figures created by McFarlane Toys.


As of 2016, what was the last released film that Barker directed?

1995's "Lord of Illusions" was Barker's most recent directorial effort, though he's produced numerous movies since then.


What is notable about the stories in "The Adventures of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and His Traveling Circus"?

The four stories make up a fantasy novel that Barker wrote in the 1970s.


IDW Publishing has published comic book series based on two of Barker's novels, "The Thief of Always" and …

The 12-issue series based on "The Great and Secret Show" was released beginning in 2006.


The novel "Sacrament" is about …

The protagonist of "Sacrament," Will Rabjohns, is a wildlife photographer.


What kind of a book is "Visions of Heaven and Hell"?

"Visions of Heaven and Hell" is a collection of Barker's paintings and other art.


In the story "The Book of Blood," a psychic is confronted by ghosts that carve stories directly into his flesh. These stories turn out to be all the short stories in the "Books of Blood" series. What is the term for this literary device?

A frame story can be used to connect otherwise unconnected stories in a collection or anthology.


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