Quiz: The Ultimate Clutter Control Quiz
The Ultimate Clutter Control Quiz
By: Staff
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I think I can, I know I can. That's what you should say before you even attempt to de-clutter your home. Fortunately, everyone can do it by following certain simple steps. Take this quiz and see whether you qualify as a clutterer, a hoarder or none of the above.

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Environment, _____ and _____ play a role in how clutter accumulates and is controlled.
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If getting things under control is the first half of de-cluttering, what is the second half?
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What is the first step in the de-cluttering process?
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When you sort out, you need to make three piles or categories of items. What are they?
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A person who hoards everything and has poor time-management skills is said to be:
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What would you use garbage bags for when you organize your clutter?
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Which of these is incapable of deciding what to keep and what to throw away?
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How much debris and waste was recovered from the Collyer house in the 1940s?
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