Quiz: Clutter or Keeper?
Clutter or Keeper?
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Clutter can really kill someone's social life and sense of serenity if it starts to get out of hand. So test your knowledge on which of the possessions shoved under your bed or languishing in your basement could be appealing to another person.

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An old lunchbox?
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An old wardrobe item?
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An old collection of bills?
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A completed video game?
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An old stuffed animal?
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An unread book?
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An unused kitchen appliance?
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An old pair of eyeglasses?
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A piece of jewelry?
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An old turntable?
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An old set of magazines?
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An expired prescription?
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An old bath towel?
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A broken tool?
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An empty box?
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Old family photos?
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An aged pair of sneaks?
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An old piece of furniture?
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A collection of old pet toys?
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Used computer equipment?
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